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Yizumi is top 3 in China plastics machinery manufacturing industry

Yizumi is top 3 in China plastics machinery manufacturing industry

News 02.09.2019

China Plastics Machinery Industry Association (CPMIA) has announced China's most competitive plastics machinery enterprises as of 2019. Yizumi is ranked Top 3 on the lists of "Top 30 Comprehensive Strength of China Plastics Machinery Manufacturing Industry in 2019", and "Top 15 Enterprises of China Plastics Injection Molding Machinery Industry in 2019" by main business income and net profit.


Despite the complicated and volatile economic situation last year, the business operation of Yizumi injection molding machine remained stable. In 2018, the sales revenue of Yizumi injection molding machines reached RMB 1,332,593,400 (approx. USD 193.73 million, including high-speed packaging system and all-electric injection molding machines), an increase of 18.02%. The company has built a complete product portfolio, including servo hydraulic presses, two-platen injection molding machines, electric injection molding machines, multi-material injection molding machines, etc. (60t-3400t). The sales revenue of the company's two-platen machines is increased by 80% year-on-year, and the all-electric injection molding machines increased by 210.06%.

It is worth mentioning that Yizumi FoamPro solution based on MuCell technology was successfully commercialized last year. The products have been put into operation at Zhejiang Normal University, Fujian University of Technology, Changchun Huatao Automotive Plastic Trims Co., Ltd., and Belgium Prince & Weiss Environmental Plastic Innovation Center for production of Audi, BMW, Toyota and other automotive parts, as well as lightweight construction research and development.


In 2019, Yizumi continued to focus on the strategic thinking of transforming to a system solution provider, starting with the construction of platform products, the development of new technologies and new processes, the integration of automation and peripheral equipment, and the introduction of industrial 4.0 project, combining research on the plastics industry to further increase the proportion of system solutions selling in the overall sales composition. In the new process applications, Yizumi has launched ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating solution and DirectPro long-fiber direct injection molding solution, and actively explores market segments such as cosmetics, trash containers, automotive headlights and taillights, bumpers, etc., providing cost-effective application solutions.

In addition, Yizumi also strengthened its global presence. From North American sales & service subsidiary to French spare parts center, Belgium Environmental Plastic Innovation Center, German R&D center, to Indian subsidiaries and Vietnamese subsidiaries, Yizumi's footprints have reached the Americas, Europe and Asia. In the future, Yizumi will continue to increase investment in the Indian market, further expand manufacturing capacity; and accelerate the building of sales network in the European market, especially in Germany.

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