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Boosting the upgrading of home appliances manufacturing

Boosting the upgrading of home appliances manufacturing

News 02.09.2019

ENGEL Group is a well-known manufacturer and system supplier of injection molding machine in the world. In recent years, it is diversifying the product portfolio in the Chinese market. Thanks to ENGEL's strong technical strength and extensive network in the Chinese market, WINTEC, a member of the ENGEL Group, is developing rapidly in the Chinese market, especially in home appliance industry. At CHINAPLAS 2019, WINTEC demonstrated its advanced and reliable injection molding solutions through a hydraulic injection molding machine and an all-electric injection molding machine. On July 12, the reporter of “Home Appliance” interviewed the persons in charge of WINTEC to know its technical strength, the breakthrough made in 2019 in the home appliance industry and the layout of the future.

Focusing on the home appliance market in China
WINTEC produces injection molding machines in Changzhou since 2014, facing the markets of Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Turkey, India, Russia and other markets, and the growth of the Asian market in 2018 was good, which captures WINTEC’s attention.

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Obviously, WINTEC attaches importance to the Chinese market, especially the Chinese home appliances market. The sales & service president of WINTEC, Michael Feltes said, "the home appliance industry is very important to us. At present, in addition to the automotive industry, our injection molding machine is mainly used in white appliances industry, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, televisions and so on. By focusing on efficiency, quality and energy efficiency, we can better meet the production and application requirements of standard parts in home appliance, automotive, technical molding and other industries. Because China is the largest manufacturing base for home appliances in the world, this market is particularly important to us."

As a member of ENGEL Group, WINTEC follows ENGEL's concept of building efficient and stable injection molding machines and providing rigorous service. "WINTEC machine is developed in Europe, made in China, and is part of ENGEL Group's global quality management system. It adopts the same strict quality standards as ENGEL factories around the world." Michael Feltes stressed.

The reporter noted that WINTEC machines is widely used and is ideal for injection molding of large single components, especially suitable for industries with high requirements for cleanliness, precision and product technology. "We continue to improve our machines. In May, we showed two machines at Chinaplas, one e-win all-electric and one t-win two platen hydraulic injection molding machine. In order to better respond to the technical needs of customers, we introduced two new models at the exhibition: t-win 950 tons and 1550 tons. In addition, the plasticizing unit is also being improved. At the same time, as the end customer's process requirements for the product become higher, we will improve our process according to the specific needs of the customer," Michael Feltes added.

Michael Feltes also told the reporter: "At present, we have established a good cooperative relationship with domestic home appliance companies in China, some of which are their OEM factories or their suppliers. Our cooperation is very pleasant and our growth in the home appliance industry is rapid, especially after we have improved the manufacturing process to better cater to the customer's needs. For example, previously, customers could accept 10% of the product reject rate, but with the increase in product quality requirements, they cannot accept 10%, but by using WINTEC machines, the reliability and stability of the production process have been greatly improved, which leads to reducing of the reject rate and the production cost."

Guiding customers from micro to macro
Kevin Wang, the sales director of WINTEC said, "At present, many domestic appliance companies are still in the stage of industry 2.0 / 3.0. How to guide customers and tell them what real industrial 4.0 is, is what we concern about." The home appliance industry is different from the automobile industry, it is relatively more competitive with the characteristic small profits and more sales. In this case, we shall improve efficiency, not reduce labor alone."

Kevin Wang said that WINTEC help customers to reduce management costs from the macro and micro aspects. He said: "from a macro point of view, the home appliance industry is currently facing a problem of high labor costs, in order to reduce costs, many companies put automation unattended management on the agenda." As far as injection molding machine is concerned, we are willing to provide the most advanced technology and reliable equipment to customers. For the future automation unmanned factory, the premise is that the equipment must be stable and intelligent, in addition, our software is universal in the world. Therefore, using WINTE machines is a good foundation for the future automation unmanned factory. From the micro point of view, by using WINTEC machines, customers can not only reduce the production cost, but also improve the production efficiency. If customers want to make their products more competitive in the white appliance field, they must provide more reliable and stable products, and this is exactly what we can provide. "

These advantages give customers a lot of confidence. The reporter learned that many well-known home appliance companies worldwide are using WINTEC machines, including all kinds of home appliances. Kevin Wang stressed: "the outstanding stability and reliability advantages of WINTEC machines are the reasons why so many high-end brands chose us." We have the only injection molding machine assembly line in China, by following the group unified management, the quality control requirements are very high. For customers, product quality is key point, the weight and structure of the part will affect its quality. As far as the qualified rate is concerned, the quality of the products produced by different injection molding machines is different. And our machines are able to meet the needs of our customers."

Communication is executive power
Kevin Wang further explained: "it is important to communicate effectively with customers."Our current sales work is more focused on guiding customers based on the national intelligent manufacturing policy. In the future manufacturing enterprises must move towards industry 3.0, 4.0, and any investment and any choice of any piece of equipment are crucial."

WINTEC has been following the advanced management concept of ENGEL Group. At Chinaplas 2019, the working data on the WINTEC booth are transmitted remotely and displayed on the display screen of an intelligent manufacturing room. Through the online transmission of real-time data, WINTEC shows the advanced concept of automation factory in the future and its ability to help manufacturing enterprises realize industry 4.0. At the same time, it tells the value that the digitization of manufacturing enterprises will bring to customers.

"We plan to set up some model workshops or factories so that other home appliance companies can see how the future looks like and what they should do. A lot of things should be implemented. "What Kevin Wang talked about is in fact highly consistent with the original intention of WINTEC brand. ENGEL is a family business with a history of more than 70 years, and ENGEL's goal of creating WINTEC is to bring reliable and stable equipment to market by reducing costs. At present, some well-known home appliance companies have already purchased WINTEC machines in large quantities, and WINTEC will use high-quality injection molding machines to help home appliance companies achieve renewing and upgrading and speed up the process of industrial automation.

Kevin Wang believes that industry 4.0 is based on the technical experience accumulation, and WINTEC is willing to share future trends, advanced ideas and mature experience, so that customers dare to paint the picture of the next five or 10 years.

This is not illusory. Kevin Wang said: "many of our home appliance customers did detailed tests and come to the conclusion that after using the WINTEC machines, the overall production efficiency has been improved by 20%. Meanwhile, compared with other products of the same model, we save 25% energy." At the same time, our equipment can remain the same precision for 10-15 years, these advantages ensure the rapid return on investment of customers."

In addition, the reporter learnt that WINTEC factory is in expansion project, and the built-up production area will be twice that of the existing plant, which can better meet the demand of the increasing sales volume. The expansion project is launched by the end of 2018 and will be completed by the end of 2019. "In addition to the quality, the service is a key factor in determining the availability of the injection molding machine. Thanks to the local service team and internal spare parts supply, WINTEC can provide better service. We are now continuing to expand the service network, setting up spare parts storage to meet the needs of customers in different sales areas, and further improving the market reaction capacity. These initiatives have proven the correct investment of the ENGEL Group in China and the confidence in the Chinese market." Michael Feltes said.

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