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The Portuguese Engineering and Tooling Cluster at the K fair

The Portuguese Engineering and Tooling Cluster at the K fair

News 06.09.2019

The Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster, represented by POOL-NET and supported by CEFAMOL (The Portuguese Mouldmaking Association), will promote the excellence of Portuguese Molds and Plastics Industries at K Fair, from 16th to 23rd October, in Dusseldorf, Germany, (the main market for its exports). Involving a group of seventeen (17) companies under Cluster’s umbrella, event will allow members to introduce its competencies and technical capabilities, supported on innovative and integrated solutions and state-of-the-art technologies.

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Portugal exports 90% of its Tooling production, where Germany represents 22% of the market share. Since 2010, under the common brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”, the Portuguese toolmakers have increased its production and exports over 100%. Sector includes more than 500 companies and generate over 11.000 jobs. In 2018, the Portuguese Tooling industry exported aproximately 700 million euros ensuring, at European level, its 3rd position in terms of production of plastic injection molds.

The Engineering & Tooling Cluster members, are the best ambassadors of our common brand, “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”, once it represents the identity and diferentiation of this industry, namely the capacity to cooperate and provide global solutions to sofisticated markets such as: Automotive, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Medical Devices, Packaging and Electronic, among others.

The Portuguese Toolmaking Industry has a long experience (over 60 years) in international market, integrating a large value chain to support global clients from more than 80 countries in the world. Know-how, based on innovation and technology, to provide quality services and reliable solutions as a “one-stop-shop” (from design to products), are identified as key areas in Portugal. Flexibility and leadership to overcome challenges (e.g. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Zero-defects manufacturing) are waiting for you.

The POOL-NET Association – Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network, was created in 2008, to promote Industry competitiveness (based on R&D, Internationalization, Cooperation and Branding) to support global clients to concept, develop and deliver complex products, using advanced materials and technologies. POOL-NET membership comprises businesses Companies (81%), Universities and R&D Centres (14%), Training Centres (1%), Trade Associations (4%) and Public Bodies (1%). Cluster members are currently involved with several R&D projects over then 50 Million Euros, involving more than 100 companies and 50 universities and research centers.

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