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18. - 20. June 2020
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03. - 06. August 2020
Shanghai, China
25. - 27. August 2020
Moscow, Russia
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High-tech precision injection molds at K Show 2019

High-tech precision injection molds at K Show 2019

News 17.10.2019

StackTeck Systems Ltd., a global manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production molds for packaging, thinwall packaging, closures, PET preforms, medical, and mold bases, is showcasing three of its precision, high-tech molds running in several booths of top tier machinery manufacturers at K Show 2019.

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In Arburg booth K Show attendees can see a 2×8 TRIMTM 16 oz. round container with a TRIMTM bottom running in an Arburg 600T high speed machine with a high-speed side entry robot. The container’s sidewall thickness is 0.37mm.

In BMB booth an IML System featuring the MuCell and TRIMTM technologies is running 1×4 TRIMTM 500g 3-sided IML Rectangular Container in a 380T BMB hybrid machine and a Machines Pages robot . This mold has been optimized with KoolTrackTM conformal cooling in gate pad/insert & core cap. This is StackTeck’s newest show mold that has TRIMTM panel thickness of 0.25mm which is 20% lighter than a conventional thinwall container.

Haitian International booth is featuring a 1×4 IML 115mm round lid mold running with clarified PP and a 2-Sided IML Label. This mold will be running in a Haitian’s Zafir 240T machine with IML automation.

Machinery makers turn to StackTeck to showcase their equipment because of their confidence in StackTeck’s ability to design and manufacture precision, high-speed, high-volume production molds.

Static displays in StackTeck booth are featuring the latest technologies with plastic parts and steel components. Some of these include: PET Preform molds highlighting cooling and post mold cooling technologies, servo driven technology for different applications, co-injection, multi-material, specialty coatings, KoolTrackTM, TRIMTM (Thin Recess Injection Molding), IML and closure technologies.

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