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Piovan introduces a new range of granulators

Piovan introduces a new range of granulators

News 18.03.2016

 Piovan has introduced a new range of small, medium and large granulators which are all fitted with a tangential cutting system. The rotary blades are inclined with respect to the fxed blades and are positioned as close as  possible to the geometric tangent of the cutting circle, therefore optimising and improving cutting precision. In this way, high production capacities are achieved using smaller  motors, with the additional benefit of minimising dust production and heat generation. These features are said to ensure a more regular cut and more dimensionally consistent  regrind.

The cutting chamber is made from machined pieces, which are assembled rather than being cast or welded. According to the company, this design has enabled the construction of high-precision components that improve the efficiency of the cut and the quality of the ground product, while improving the life of the granulator, as worn pieces can be replaced.
Another distinctive feature is that even the most basic versions can be modified to suit the specific needs of the process (e.g. blow moulding, extrusion, injection) and to comply with specific customer requests in terms of space, granulator loading and unloading requirements and protection of the operating environment.

Complementing the range of granulators is the single-shaft shredder line, intended for recovering purgings from start-ups or material replacements during all transformation processes. The Piovan range of single-shaft shredders includes four different models, each with a hopper that can vary in size from 600x600mm to 1,500x1,500mm.

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