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Turnkey packaging solutions for Indonesian market

Turnkey packaging solutions for Indonesian market

News 27.12.2019

Indonesia has the largest land area in Southeast Asia and the 4th largest population, thus it has high demand for packaging containers and bottled water. The Indonesian International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition (PRI) was held this Nov. 11-23 in Jakarta, in which FCS Group released a newly injection molding system, showing the most popular topic - packaging.

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FCS received orders in the first day of PRI and got potential orders of more than USD1.2 million. FCS exhibition machines at show ground always performed live production, meeting the requirement of “precision, high-speed and stability” for plastics industries.

It was the first time FCS exhibit HN-h/p series in Indonesia. FCS showed the automated packaging molding concept on the booth, which attracted visitors attention and enquiries.

HN-h/p Series – High Performance Energy-Saving IMM:
It adopts Rexroth closed-loop servo valve, high-response servo power system and electric charging for increasing injection speed 50~150% which could improve production efficiency and high repeating precision. Also, the high rigidity clamping mechanism ensure stability of IMM. HN-280p, with 280 tons of clamping force, produced 1-cavity pail of 5L volume in 25 seconds, and made out mold decoration automatically after molding, which provided the solutions for household goods, thin-walled food containers, and high-speed molding products.

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FCS has 45 years expertise, and provides integration services for various industries. The “All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (CT-e series)” launched this year has been sold more than 20 sets in Taiwan, making FCS gaining a foothold in optical and medical industries.

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