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New generation of servo driven valve gate

New generation of servo driven valve gate

News 21.02.2020

HRSflow is pleased to inform that the company is releasing into the market the new FLEXflow Evo, the new generation of the FLEXflow servo driven valve gate, the well-known electrically driven hot runner technology that has revolutionized sequential injection molding.

The new FLEXflow Evo is characterized by a wide range of servo driven actuators directly fixed on the manifold for faster and safer installation on the mold. The improved geometry and the reduced cut out result in a reduced effort on the mold maker side.

The new FLEXflow Evo also includes an upgraded software that will simplify the operator’s work and can be easily upgraded on all existing control units. The new controller has been developed to be more responsive thanks to the optimization of the data transfer. The software features an easier interface and it is proven to deliver maximum reliability of the process.

From now on, therefore HRSflow customers can benefit from the FLEXflow family full package that also includes, in addition to the servo driven system managed by the new control unit FLEXflow Evo, the FLEXflow Evo One solution, the electric servo driven valve gate system where a control unit is not required.

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