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Dr. Boy to exhibit at the plastics trade fair in Sweden

Dr. Boy to exhibit at the plastics trade fair in Sweden

News 13.03.2020

The German manufacturer of injection moulding machines with a clamping force of up to 1,250 kN will set several exclamation marks with its presence at the four-day ELMIA plastics trade fair in Jönköping (May 12th to 15th). A BOY XXS produces – of course sprueless – practical bookmarks made of ABS at the booth of the Swedish BOY agency AWI Maskin AB.



The injection moulding machine designed for continuous industrial operation in a modern TableTop-design has a clamping force of 63 kN, a footprint of only 0.89 m² and an energy-efficient, dynamic servo drive. In contrast to comparable injection moulding machines of this size, the BOY XXS does not use the usual piston plasticizing, it uses a screw plasticizing from 8 to 18 mm instead according to the "first in first out" principle. This ensures the shortest dwell times - a great advantage for the gentle processing of temperature-sensitive materials.

From the middle of this year, the BOY XXS with a screw diameter of 18 mm will have a stroke volume that has been increased by 50% (15.3 instead of 10.2 cm³) as well as a 25% higher injection force. With its available screw diameters of 8 to 18 mm, the BOY XXS covers a wide range of injection volumes.

Due to the diversity of the plasticizing unit, it is also possible to process bio-based compounds in addition to the common plastics such as Thermoplastic (ø 8mm to 18mm), Elastomers (ø 16mm) and Silicone / LSR.

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