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Borealis operations during the Coronavirus disease outbreak

Borealis operations during the Coronavirus disease outbreak

News 20.03.2020
Corona 2020 GroupNews

As a responsible company, Borealis is taking all steps within its power to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. In order to protect employees, contractors and business partners, to ensure safe operations, Borealis is closely following and applying recommendations published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Borealis is also closely monitoring government reports in the countries in which it has operations, among others, in order to proactively update its safety standards accordingly. Internal task forces in the areas of operations, business and general crisis management were formed early on to proactively monitor and manage the situation.

Active measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include:

• Close and constant monitoring of international developments, including instructions issued by relevant local and national authorities.
• Apply social distancing wherever applicable.
• Limiting face-to-face human interaction wherever possible, for example by instituting teleworking for staff, and holding both internal and external meetings online/remotely wherever viable.
• Suspension of all non-essential corporate travel and avoiding travel to areas already affected by COVID-19.
• Disinfecting worksites frequently, more rigorous cleaning of common surfaces such as handrails and door handles.
• Raising awareness of the risk of infection among Borealis employees and partners, and urging all to act responsibly and with care by heeding hygiene guidelines issued by public health authorities.
Proactively following recommendations issued by the WHO to prevent the spread of the virus.

Borealis operations during the Covid-19 outbreak
As a responsible company, Borealis is taking steps to regularly update its customers and suppliers around the world in order to address their concerns regarding the continuity of supply during the COVID-19 outbreak.

• Borealis Customer Service staff continues to maintain essential ongoing services for the customers, such as order processing, from coordinated teleworking locations.
• Borealis is in close contact with raw material and service suppliers, who are continuing operations in accordance with relevant guidelines issued by local authorities but taking all possible measures to ensure the health and safety of all involved in the supply chain.
• Orders are currently being accepted, processed, and confirmed; however, due to logistics-based service interruptions and delays outside our area of influence, it may not be possible to commit to a firm delivery date.
• Borealis is supporting the partners in their efforts to ensure widespread use of basic protective equipment, including masks and gloves, but also hand and other types of disinfectants. However, for practical reasons, it may not always be possible to supply drivers with protective equipment.
• Borealis is continuously screening any potential impact on the key suppliers, and are increasing its safety stock levels. Raw material supply is being secured where possible by way of multisource suppliers.
• A Borealis Customer Service Representative or Sales Manager will contact customers and partners in the event that there are changes in the supply situation, or in heassessment thereof, which would affect delivery. In this case, Borealis will work closely with the affected party to quickly find the best solution.

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