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14. - 16. October 2019
Munich, Germany
16. - 23. October 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
19. - 22. November 2019
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Innovative technologies at SIT 2016 seminar

Innovative technologies at SIT 2016 seminar

News 27.04.2016

The SIT 2016 seminar on technological innovation took place from April 12 to 14 at the general offices of Piovan in Santa Maria di Sala (Venice). It is a traditional event dedicated to the Italian clients of this Venetian company of auxiliary systems for plastic material processing.

The protagonist of the sixth edition was the most advanced technology, not only from Piovan, but also from partner companies of the event: KraussMaffei, Netstal, Gruppo Maip, Kebo, HRS Flow and Aquatech.

The presentation sessions during the morning of all three days of the seminar were focused on the theme “Finished product quality, efficiency and cost reduction: solutions for process optimization for greater competitiveness”, followed by live demonstrations on two injection moulding machines provided by Netstal and KraussMaffei.

The new fully electric machine Elion 1750-510 by Netstal produced a cylinder for insulin pens made of acetylic resin (POM) in a cycle time of 8.5 seconds, using a 16-cavity mould supplied by the Swiss Kebo company. The application highlighted the machine advantages in terms of flexibility of the control system in the precision moulding of complex parts, with fast cycle times and low processing costs.

The hybrid press of the CX range by KraussMaffei was presented as a highly reliable solution for the moulding of technical parts.

A Piovan drying system was used in the operation of the two presses, consisting of honeycomb wheel dryers of the HR series supplied through PureFlo and GR1 receivers.

The Piovan granulators were also protagonists of the event. They are the first machines to be manufactured by the Venetian company and today have been totally redesigned. The KraussMaffei injection press, in fact, was able to process recycled material just thanks to the new granulator of the S1 range.

The cooling of the system and the mould having was assured by Aquatech, a company of the Piovan group specialized in cooling solutions, that supplied two DigitempEvo thermochillers for the event.

The primary objective of the SIT seminar has always been that of keeping Piovan customers informed by explaining and demonstrating the most innovative technology currently used in the international plastic industry. This is why its success is repeated year after year, confirming the ability of Piovan to provide its clients with added value in terms of training and knowledge sharing.

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