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13. - 16. April 2021
Shenzhen, China
15. - 17. June 2021
Moscow, Russia
13. - 16. September 2021
Seoul, Korea
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Safe, eco-friendly materials

Safe, eco-friendly materials

News 19.03.2021

KRAIBURG TPE will be highlighting the multi-faceted benefits of THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds, which have properties required for beauty products packaging applications, at the upcoming CHINAPLAS, to be held from 13-16 April 2021, at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Conventional Center, China.

KRAIBURG TPE offers TPE materials that are recyclable, resistant to various cosmetic products, and product-contact safe. They are free from heavy metals, animal ingredients and latex and other toxic substances such as PVC or phthalates or carcinogenic or mutagenic substances.

The TPE compounds comply with international food-grade safety standards, such as the China GuoBiao (GB) standards (GB4806:2016), the Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, the Code of Federation Regulation Title 21 (21CFR) of the US Food and Drug Administrator (FDA), as well as with ROHs and REACH standards.

Eye-catching shades with a soft-feel
For KRAIBURG TPE no detail is too small to deliver the perfect touch for cosmetic packaging. KRAIBURG TPE’s TPE compounds offer a dry and pleasant surface feel for packaging applications and components including flip-top caps, slit valves, serum spoids, packaging seals, pencil grip surfaces, eyelash brush grips, and more.

The TPE compounds offer worldwide consistent colorability, which encourages creative designs for skincare and cosmetics packaging and for brand owners to stay competitive in the market. Furthermore, the TPEs can be easily molded to offer a variety of textures and experiences and can be processed through injection molding and the extrusion process, allowing for a multitude of options.

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