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13. - 16. April 2021
Shenzhen, China
15. - 17. June 2021
Moscow, Russia
22. - 24. June 2021
ICE Europe
Munich, Germany
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Moretto at Chinaplas 2021

Moretto at Chinaplas 2021

News 26.03.2021

"China is for us an important growing market. The exhibition will not only be an opportunity to showcase Moretto’s products, but above all a return to direct contact with our customers" says Silvia Moretto, Marketing Manager of the company.

dgm gravix series

DGM Gravix

Moretto will exhibit at the new exhibition centre in Shenzhen. A new and stimulating meeting opportunity where the company will expose the exclusive gravimetric dosing unit, DGM Gravix. A robust, precise and unbeatable machine that ensures complete production flexibility and the highest precision levels even in presence of vibrations thanks to VIS (Vibration Immunity System) that allows the installation on the processing machine, on the blow moulding machine and on the extruder. Thanks to its multiple connections, it allows real time production traceability. A reliable machine confirmed by the 16,000 units installed worldwide.

Among the drying solutions, X Comb will be displayed: the compact and full electric mini dryer that ensures perfect polymer’s dehumidification thanks to the homogeneous treatment of the material inside the exclusive OTX (Original Thermal eXchanger) hopper, which solves the problem of falling flows to guarantee uniform dehumidification in a shorter time. This assures higher energy efficiency, +66% compared to conventional hoppers. A mini dryer suitable for installation on the machine’s throat with fast and immediate programming, the user only has to set the material type and the hourly throughput.

Combined with Moisture Meter, the moisture analyser specifically designed for plastic’s granules, it allows achieving the optimal drying process. Moisture Meter thanks to the exclusive patented Power Peak technology assures in line and just in time moisture measurement eliminating any offline analysis. It ensures that the polymer enters the processing machine at the perfect dehumidification level guaranteeing a high quality final product and production process optimization.

Among the solutions dedicated to temperature control, the pressurized water temperature controller TWP9S will be showcased. It allows to reach process temperatures up to 160° C and a working pressure up to 6 bar. A machine that ensures reliability, temperature regulation speed, consumption reduction and ease of use.

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