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DME Solves Industry Challenges With New External EZ-LATCH Lock

DME Solves Industry Challenges With New External EZ-LATCH Lock

News 23.04.2021

DME, a mold technology leader, announced the release of a new external latch lock that provides customers long-lasting, more reliable functionality for plate sequencing.

External latch locks are commonly used in a range of different mold designs requiring plate control, including molds with 3-plate sequencing, 2-stage ejection, early return systems and a moving (core) and stationary side (cavity) ejection application.

Springs or friction devices are normally in place to trigger the locking mechanism but can be prone to failure over time, and often require custom manufacturing to meet the specific application needs.
DME has developed a new and improved way of controlling mold plate with the DME EZ-LATCH External Latch Lock. The new product features a novel design and is easy to install and, depending on the application, can be an alternative to more expensive hydraulic cylinders used for sequencing plates.
“Our new patent pending design strengthens this external latch lock system and ensures safer, more reliable method of controlling plates.” said Peter Smith, President, DME. “We’ve worked hard to reduce the chance of failure during processing so we can help our customers reduce unnecessary machine downtime and avoid costly tool repairs.”

Benefits of the EZ-LATCH external Lock
Use with Thinner Mold Plates
Unlike traditional external locks which need to be vertically mounted the EZ-LATCH Lock can be installed horizontally allowing it be used on plates as thin as 7/8”

Ease of Manufacturing and Installation
Unlike traditional systems, the DME EZ-LATCH Lock requires no machining modifications and requires only the selection of the appropriate body and latch bar lengths.

Multiple Sizes
The system comes in multiple lengths to sequence the plates and deliver perfect timing. EZ-LATCH is available in many latch bar lengths covering the widest range of stroke requirements. A long latch bar version providing longer delayed ejection is also available.

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