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Falcon Plastics to expand in Lexington

Falcon Plastics to expand in Lexington

News 30.04.2021

Falcon Plastics is excited to announce that they are in the process of expanding their Lexington, TN facility. Falcon Plastics has seen increased sales that have positioned the company to add additional manufacturing space to the facility. Additionally, Falcon’s customers have forecasted significant growth and have collaborated with Falcon Plastics for their manufacturing necessities. Falcon has begun preparations to bring in several new pieces of equipment, allowing the company to manufacture at higher volumes. To do this, Falcon has broken ground on a 20,000sq.ft. expansion.

This addition is phase 1 of a potential 3 phase plan. The phase 1 addition will be to manage the increase in demand for current customers as well as growth in new business, creating much needed capacity to release tension on the current facility’s maxed space. The 20,000sq.ft. being added this year will be for additional warehousing; allowing 2-3 injection and blow molding machines to be added to the current production and warehousing areas.

“We are very excited about all the growth and big changes to the Lexington Facility” says Shae Hensley, Falcon Plastics Lexington Plant Manager. “These expansion phases will allow us to grow with the current and future demands of our customers, also allowing us to expand our Falcon team-members by adding new positions to our team”.

The operations team has already begun working on a plan for phase 2 and 3 expansions, allowing for additional machines in the future with the potential to start phase 2 beginning in 2022.

The additional warehouse space will allow Falcon to grow with its diverse customer base and distribution services. The company is forecasting continued growth patterns, which will allow additional growth of business and jobs to the Lexington, TN area.

Falcon expects the phase 1 expansion to be completed by the end of summer, 2021.

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