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Phrozen joins Henkel’s Open Materials Platform

Phrozen joins Henkel’s Open Materials Platform

News 30.04.2021

Phrozen 3D printers (Phrozen), a Taiwan-based LCD 3D Printing company, has joined Henkel´s Open Materials Platform. The companies aim to combine Phrozen´s mono-LCD technology, offering high speed and precision, with Henkel´s high resolution photopolymers to empower professionals, hobbyists, and 3D Printing enthusiasts across markets. The Loctite 3D Printing portfolio from Henkel offers a vetted ecosystem of partners and revolutionary performing materials that enable the use of additive manufacturing for a wide range of applications with validated workflows.

henkel phrozen

Phrozen and Henkel collaborate to drive the LCD 3D printing for professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts across markets

With this joint alliance, the companies bring together the combined expertise of fast printing using high resolution LCD technology and high-quality material producing precise prints with excellent surface finish ideal for rapid prototyping and design iterations. Phrozen printers offer budget-friendly pricing with High Precision Printing, Sonic Mini 4K and Sonic Mighty 4K both got 4K printing capabilities; Sonic Mini 4K even got 35 µm and 722PPI, the highest PPI on the market with Monochrome LCD screen, long working hours (>2000 hours) and extremely fast printing speed, 400% faster than traditional printing.

Loctite 3D Printing recently stepped into the arena of professional grade resins for prosumers and 3D printing enthusiasts to explore the capabilities of additive manufacturing. Introducing the PRO range resins together with partners, Henkel aims to enhance the accessibility of its solutions around the world. In collaboration with OEM printer partners the materials provide consistent and reproduceable results based on a workflow validation.

Phrozen and Henkel partner to explore and expand use cases of commercial resin 3D printing. Consumer 3D printing is popular but currently has not been widely adopted outside miniature, jewelry making or dental uses due to a lack of suitable materials with both precision and superior engineering capabilities. Thus, the partnership aims to drive the additive manufacturing transformation for the prosumer market. Consumers will now have access to precision printing so that they can create reliable and high-quality models for small prototyping, DIY projects, and more with the Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410.

Phrozen Onyx Rigid PRO410 is a fast printing, rigid photopolymer that can be printed with very high-resolution features. The material is formulated to provide exceptional surface finish with an extremely high print accuracy. Post curing, the printed part showcases a dimensional accuracy of within 0.2%. This product is perfect for printing accurate prototypes, that will be exposed to temperatures up to 70°C. This material enables 3 times faster printing than traditional prototyping resins. This product is now validated for Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K and Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K printers.

“We’re glad to work with Henkel to tap into the prosumer market,” says Ray Wu, Phrozen CEO. “With Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin, we can meet consumers’ engineering needs while offering them the precision details they need. We are looking forward to continued collaboration with Henkel in the coming future.”

“We are thrilled to have Phrozen join Henkel´s Open Materials Platform,” adds Simon Mawson, Senior Vice President and Global Head of 3D Printing at Henkel. “By combining our new range of Loctite PROfessional resins with Phrozen’s consumer friendly LCD, we can now deliver higher productivity, performance and cost-effective solutions for the prosumer market.”

Phrozen and Henkel will continue to introduce similar resins with stronger capabilities and functional characteristics in the coming future. More on Phrozen Henkel collaborations are to follow, stay tuned.

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