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Removing a major bottleneck in additive manufacturing production

Removing a major bottleneck in additive manufacturing production

News 21.05.2021

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. (AMT), a global leader in safe and sustainable automated post-processing systems for 3D printed parts, removes a major bottleneck in AM production throughput with the now available PostProDP MAX. Co-developed with Leering Heneglo, an internationally recognized producer of blasting equipment for metal and plastics processing industry.

postpro dp max with trolley

Powered by continuous tumble belt technology for maximum throughput and process and part-size flexibility, PostProDP MAX is a fully automated depowdering and shot blasting system designed for large component runs and/or use in large batches.

Providing an efficient user and production experience, the cabinet is front-loading at an ergonomic working height with reversible belt controls enabling automatic loading and unloading of parts to and from the transport container, thus maximizing throughput.

The PostPro DP MAX is computer-controlled to enable Industry 4.0 compatibility and can be connected with and integrated with other Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in a production workflow. Users are able to program and store recipes and processing parameters making cleaning 3D printed parts more efficient than ever.

Key differentiating features include a large processing space equipped with ionizing nozzles that leave the parts completely powder-free after blasting. The system is 3D printer material agnostic and works with all powder-based printer platforms including HP Multi Jet Fusion, Stratasys, EOS, Farsoon, and 3D Systems, as well as a range of thermoplastic polymers such as polyamides and elastomeric materials. The PostProDP MAX is suitable for all common abrasives and surface finishing media such as glass beads, polybeads, corundum, ceramics, nutshells, plastics, and fine sizes of stainless steel and steel.

PostProDP MAX is CE and ATEX certified and is constructed as one compact unit to minimize the machine footprint and maintenance cost. The system has been tested with customers across Europe and is available now to order from AMT.

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