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Bottle grip innovation

Bottle grip innovation

News 28.05.2021

This 1-gallon bottle is designed with the SURE GRIP® innovation. The handle is directly moulded into the bottle, thus no additional plastic part is required.


Thanks to this innovation, this PET bottle is 100% recyclable. It has been tested and controlled in 1 BLOW Laboratory and meets all quality parameters:

- Top load resistance,
- Optimum material distribution,
- Thickness
- Fill level
- Weight in each section of the bottle
- Dimensions

A child’s hand or an adult’s can easily grab it, and its centre of gravity provides an outstanding balance during use.

This new SURE GRIP® feature is available on 1 BLOW machines 1XL, 1XXL, 2XL (new machine) and 4XLs as well as upgrade on the existing 1 BLOW machines.

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