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Large-sized and electrified

Large-sized and electrified

News 04.06.2021

In recent years, multi-component injection molding technology has received increasing attention due to advantages such as high production efficiency, power saving and environmental protection, and high added value of products. It is applicable to a lot of industries, including automobiles, mobile phones, pens, electronic appliances, hand tools, daily necessities, construction, packaging and medical equipment.


FCS two-component injection molding machines are widely applied in various industries

At the same time, as domestic and foreign companies are also increasing research on multi-component injection molding, new equipment and new technologies emerge one after another. For example, the technology of two-component/multi-component/multi-material/multi-angle injection molding has been developed and has made considerable progress, which has become the focus and hot spot of the injection molding industry in recent years.

The advanced two-component injection molding machines developed by FCS include rotary type, rotating shaft type, electric type, sandwich / interval injection molding machine. After the strict test of market customers and actual machine verification, FCS has formed four series covering more than 30 specifications, and the clamping force ranges from 135 tons to 3,300 tons. They are widely applied in a wide range of industries such as automobiles, mobile phones, laptops, pens, hand tools, high-end daily necessities, cosmetics, and home appliances.


Hsiao-Chou Chen, Technical Manager of FCS Ningbo

Hsiao-Chou Chen, Technical Manager of FCS Ningbo, predicted that a major trend in the plastics industry in the future is that there will be more demand for large-scale personalized customization. If expecting to achieve rapid production, the industry needs multi-component injection molding production. It is an inevitable trend to input requirements for different colors and different materials in the front-end computer to change colors and appearance.

The state of full-load production of FCS has lasted for 5 years. In the future, the Company will change the multi-component injection molding technology from the rough type to the more refined and specialized one, and develop the products in the direction of "large-sized and electrified", to lead the industry to standardization development.

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