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25. - 28. August 2021
Seoul, Korea
14. - 18. September 2021
Barcelona, Spain
21. - 23. September 2021
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Moretto at Rosplast 2021

Moretto at Rosplast 2021

News 11.06.2021

Rosplast is a very important occasion to present the Russian market with the latest innovations for plastic materials processors in the automotive, medical, textile, beverage, packaging, electronics and cosmetics sectors.

The drying phase is one of the most energy consuming parts of the whole transformation process. For the drying segment Moretto will showcase X COMB, a super compact full electric mini dryer that achieves perfect polymers drying while maintaining an absolute treatment consistency, reducing residence times and increasing efficiency by 45%.

Additionally Moretto will display Moisture Meter, the polymers moisture analyser that eliminates the need to perform offline analysis on individual samples as it carries out accurate real-time checks on all material before processing. Moisture Meter reduces operating costs, improves energy efficiency and enables certified production.

Among the solutions dedicated to dosing, visitors will be able to see DGM Gravix, a machine that offers complete production flexibility up to 12,000 Kg/h, accurate weighing even in the presence of mechanical stress (Vibration Immunity System) and extreme precision through the eyelid shutter with a reaction speed of 25 ms.

Moretto's DPK will also be displayed at the fair, a gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing unit suitable for intermittent or continuous dosing of small quantities of master batches or additives that prevents overdosing by achieving an accuracy of ± 0.3%. DPK features a transparent acrylic hopper that allows the operator to see the machine status at any time and from a great distance.

TE-KO temperature controllers, developed to efficiently and accurately control the temperature of the injection molds and extruder cylinders, will complete the exhibition.

The Moretto Team will be onsite to help customers find the best solution for their needs.

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