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Broad product portfolio ensures continuous growth

Broad product portfolio ensures continuous growth

News 04.07.2021

With a turnover of 415.4 M€, which corresponds to an increase of around 11%, the KEBA Group once again achieved the highest revenues in its history. Considered over a period of 10 years, the company thus quadrupled its sales. In a dynamic year characterized by Corona, KEBA benefited from its different pillars, which operate in different industries and markets and are therefore subject to different cycles and triggers. With a new structure, KEBA strengthens its growth course.

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Gerhard Luftensteiner CEO KEBA AG

The Linz-based KEBA Group increased its revenues in the past fiscal year (April 2020-March 2021) from €373.5 million to €415.4 million. With this sales growth of 11.2%, the KEBA Group again achieved the highest revenues in its history, having seen sales quadruple over the last 10 years. Average annual growth over the past five years lies at 18.1% (CAGR).

The international share of business remains high at around 90%. Around 68% of exports went to the EU (without Austria) and 14% to Asia.

Research and development is critical for a technology company like KEBA. It provides the foundation for future success and KEBA’s market position. Accordingly, the KEBA Group dedicates a significant portion of its revenues to research and development (R&D) each year. Over the last year, R&D investment totaled around €61 million.

At the end of the fiscal year, the KEBA Group employed 1750 people (FTE). The company has grown by over 1,000 employees within the last 10 years.

About half of the employees work in Austria, one-third in Germany, and with almost 200 employees the company also has a strong presence in China and Asia. 39 apprentices are currently being trained at the Linz sites. The company additionally employs agency workers to cover workload peaks.

KEBA’s growth is also reflected in the number of job vacancies: currently there are 62 open positions.

Broad product portfolio ensures continuous growth
The past fiscal year has shown us all how quickly a pandemic can change our lives. Over the past year, business activity worldwide has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the corona year of 2020, the economy resembled a roller coaster – although globally there were certainly different trajectories.

In this rapidly changing, uncertain environment, KEBA benefited from having different core businesses operating in different industries, which are therefore subject to different cycles and triggers.

With 25 subsidiaries in 15 countries and 8 production sites of various sizes in 4 countries (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, China), the Group’s good transnational network has enabled it to maintain a sustained presence in all markets even in difficult times, and be there for its customers locally.

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