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High-end intelligent equipment industry cluster

High-end intelligent equipment industry cluster

News 02.08.2021

On June 29th, the second phase of the YIZUMI China Factory 3 - the intelligent factory project construction officially started. It is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.

Project site

Project site

YIZUMI China Factory 3 is located in Daliang Wusha Industrial Park, with a land area of 178,666 square meters. Currently the first phase of the project has been completed, and the second phase of the project, which started, covers an area of about 69,000 square meters. The overall construction area is 120,000 square meters.

The second phase of the YIZUMI China Factory 3 is positioned as an intelligent factory, based on the advanced modern lean concept, adopts the full assembly line production operation mode in the automotive industry, and produces intelligent equipment machinery. In the future, the factory will introduce a large number of intelligent production lines, smart devices and modern industrial software technology, digital technology throughout the whole machine production chain such as order, product design, configuration, production, logistics, final assembly, and delivery.

It is expected that in 3-5 years, YIZUMI Intelligent Factory will become a truly transparent and data management plant, to achieve the goal of less manpower. After the project is put into operation, it is expected to support the output value of 4 billion Chinese yuan of YIZUMI injection molding machine product line in the next few years.

YIZUMI China Factory 3 will work with other factories in the region to build a high-end intelligent equipment industry cluster with the company's headquarters, production base, industrial Internet, overall injection molding solution, and incubation platform. It is expected to have a capacity of more than 5 billion Chinese yuan after completion, aiming to achieve the goal of having the capacity to build up another YIZUMI.

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