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The inspection revolution

The inspection revolution

News 03.09.2021

From the individual component to the full, capped container, SACMI provides a complete range of ‘total quality control’ solutions for cap, preform, bottle and labelled container lines. Patented innovations and the incorporation of AI algorithms in the software combine high output rates and precise defect detection with a revolutionary approach to quality control.


High performance, eye-catching design. Yet also sustainability and efficiency to ensure perfect product integrity and an optimal consumption experience. In short, the ‘ideal’ bottle: an already-full, capped and labeled container that undergoes dedicated checks, from the individual parts (cap and preform) to the completed container.

By developing targeted, patented solutions for each stage of the cap, preform and labeled container production process, SACMI stands head and shoulders above other global suppliers of Rigid Packaging technologies.

The world leader in cap compression press production technology - increasingly focused on cap lightweighting and new tethered standards - SACMI offers a complete line of vision systems and spark testers that allow high-speed, in-line control of 100% of output.

By installing CHS solutions in-line on an injection press (made by any manufacturer) or downstream from an assembly line, the customer can inspect up to 270,000 caps per hour. Thanks to its array of 7 cameras, users can perform complete image capture and quality control of both the ‘working’ and visible parts of the cap, internal sections included; moreover each cavity number is read, allowing generation of real-time reports on any defects. The CHS machine can also mount a Spark Tester to identify typical injection defects, such as micro-holes in the gate area.

Particularly noteworthy - alongside the development of new standard-compliant ready-to-market solutions for tethered caps - is SACMI’s solution for inspecting caps downstream from the anti-tamper band folding and slitting station.

More specifically, the CVS102 is designed to be fully integrated on new or existing lines (whoever the supplier) and can be configured with 2 or 6 cameras to inspect both the interior and exterior part of the band.

vision preforms

Moving on from cap to preform, SACMI is one of the first companies in the industry to integrate, on its in-line and off-line PVS inspection range, a patented module that applies advanced AI algorithms and a polarized-light illuminator to detect defects in the preform body.

Thanks to a broad range designed to meet producers’ specific needs (in-line as an aid in Quality Control labs or off-line for the high-speed sorting of potentially faulty preform lots), the PVS ‘family’ leads the industry by letting users create a comprehensive set of checks that include, once again, size/weight checks and cavity number readings.

The solution can also be equipped with color acquisition and control devices or the automatic centrifugal positioner which enhances efficiency and is nicely compact, thus reducing the footprint on existing lines.

SACMI has sought to bring about a true ‘size changeover revolution’ by developing and installing the self-guided SACMI D.R.I.V.A. (Drive and Recognize through Intelligent Vision Algorithms) system on the ‘off-line’ PVS10L range.

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