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New series of low pressure injection molding machines

New series of low pressure injection molding machines

News 17.09.2021

The Wilmington HE Series (horizontal elevated) have been completely redesigned to incorporate all of the features and more that are currently available on the company’s low profile models. The new machines have an elevated press that provides for both robotic and beneath the press molded product removal. This same space below the press also provides the clearance necessary for large molds with vertical core movements. Presses are available in 750, 1000, and 1500 tons clamping forces.

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The injection unit of the new machines are also elevated which provides for a raised deck for ease of setup of nozzle/manifold components when the machines are being used for classic low pressure structural foam molding, gas assist or gas counter pressure molding. Both single and dual two-stage (extruder/accumulator) or reciprocating injection with capacities of 75 – 300 lb. shot capacity and 1500 – 6000 lb./hr. melting capacity are available.

The Versafil controls of the new machines in addition to controlling basic temperature, press motion and injection velocity/pressure also provide for remote troubleshooting, SPC charting, trend analysis, graphing, integrated auxiliary control, all on a large “smart” flat colored panel display. The Versafil control injection feature is standard for classic multi-nozzle structural foam molding and adaptable to hot runner molding.

The new HE Series models join the 9 other low-profile horizontal machines and the vertical machines that Wilmington builds in clamping capacities of 350 – 2000 tons and shot capacities of 25 – 300 lbs. Since 1972 Wilmington was founded for and has built indexing rotary, dual clamp machines in both horizontal and vertical configurations for customers worldwide. It is headquartered in a modern 65,000 SF manufacturing facility fronting I-40 in the Atlantic Port City of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

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