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New thermolast for Asia Pacific

New thermolast for Asia Pacific

News 08.10.2021

KRAIBURG TPE, the global competence thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) manufacturer has announced the launch of its new THERMOLAST® H product line and the line’s first HC/AP series.

thermolastr h healthcare and medical device tpe

Designed exclusively for the Asia Pacific healthcare and medical device markets, the THERMOLAST® H HC/AP series provides high-quality material solution, which complies with ISO 10993-5, GB/T 16886.5, and other relevant medical standards.

"THERMOLAST® H is KRAIBURG TPE's new product line designed particularly for Asia Pacific medical equipment manufacturers. THERMOLAST® H combines the innovativeness of KRAIBURG TPE for material solutions with the highest production standards of our manufacturing plant in Asia,” emphasized Dr. Joachim Mühlmeyer, Director Asia Pacific.
“In this way, we particularly meet the requirements of our customers that focus on healthcare applications, technical support, and process advantages throughout Asia Pacific.”

Diverse material advantages
The THERMOLAST® H HC/AP series is available in the hardness range from 30 to 90 Shore A. It is free from PVC, latex, silicone, and animal ingredients. The series complies with ISO 10993-5, GB/T 16886.5, and other relevant medical standards. It also meets global food regulatory standards such as China GuoBiao (GB) GB4806, FDA-Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, and EU10/2011. Moreover, it complies with RoSH and REACH standards, and is sterilizable with autoclave 121°C, EtO.

The series’ excellent properties, including adhesion to PP, haptics, and compression set, make it suitable for applications such as closures, flexible connections, mouthpieces, seals, gaskets, medical tubing, and more; as well as for applications that require soft-touch quality, such as grips, switches, and mats.

Additionally, these series compounds can be processed by injection molding and extrusion. Available in translucent colors, the TPEs allow for versatile pre-coloration options with KRAIBURG TPE’s in-house pre-coloration expertise.

“Customers are assured of the THERMOLAST® H product value. We are confident of delivering material solutions that meet Asia Pacific’s medical standards - thanks to our dedicated market support and expert knowledge in TPE products,” explains Lee Jia Yin, Product Specialist.

Faster lead times, support, and product customization
The THERMOLAST® H HC/AP series compounds will be manufactured at the Company’s highly automated production facility in Malaysia and using high-purity raw materials that are produced under strictly controlled production processes.

“Manufacturing THERMOLAST® H, the exclusively designed TPE for the Asia Pacific medical device market requirements in Malaysia will benefit our Asian customers with a high-quality product with quick lead times, application and technical support as well as product customization,” explains Aditya Purandare, Project Manager Market Launch THERMOLAST® H Asia Pacific

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