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27. September - 01. October 2022
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
19. - 26. October 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
01. - 05. February 2023
New Delhi, India
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Demonstrating expertise in sustainability and digitalization

Demonstrating expertise in sustainability and digitalization

News 01.04.2022

Due to its continuous, stable development, the Slovenian market is of considerable interest for the WITTMANN Group. So, the International Industry Fair in Celje is a suitable platform for the WITTMANN Group to present jointly with ROBOS, its long-standing local representatives, latest injection molding technology in the area of machines as well as automation equipment and auxiliaries to interested trade visitors.

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At the fair in Celje, an Ingrinder model will be presented. This equipment consists of a machine from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series, a SmartPower 60/210, with an integrated sprue picker, vacuum conveyor and an integrated granulator. On the machine, a can with a lid is produced from PS with a 2-2-cavity mold. A WP50 sprue picker from WITTMANN with swivel drive removes the sprue and passes it to the G-Max granulator integrated in the system. The material recycled by the granulator is then transported to the machine’s material hopper by a FEEDMAX S 3-net vacuum conveyor. The WITTMANN vacuum conveyors equipped with an optional material separator enable alternating conveyance of virgin material and regrind, so that a thorough blend is created by this process, together with discharge of the material into the hopper.

The Ingrinder solution is designed for smaller injection molding machine models from the EcoPower and SmartPower series, since these machines are used in particular together with molds incorporating cold runner technology, thus producing sprue which must either be scrapped or passed on to a recycling system following injection molding. To equalize viscosity fluctuations caused by the recycled material, the WITTMANN BATTENFELD HiQ Flow software package is used on the machine. With HiQ Flow, viscosity fluctuations detected during the injection phase are actively corrected directly within the same shot.

In addition to this exhibit, a clearly illustrated, easy-to-understand demonstration of how to integrate robots and auxiliaries into the UNILOG B8 machine control system will be shown on an interactive display panel, to give visitors an opportunity to see for themselves the advantages of WITTMANN’s solution for Industry 4.0, known as WITTMAN 4.0.

Moreover, numerous auxiliary appliances from the company’s ranges of temperature controllers, dryers and material conveyors will also be showcased as standalone solutions at the International Industry Fair in Celje.

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