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Delivering comprehensive portfolio of 3D printing solutions

Delivering comprehensive portfolio of 3D printing solutions

News 10.06.2022

BCN3D Technologies, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing solutions based in Barcelona, and 3Dwiser based in Prague announced today their partnership agreement to provide the best possible local Additive Manufacturing experience in the Czech Republic. The two companies will collaborate to deliver BCN3D’s comprehensive portfolio of professional 3D printing solutions, including the flagship BCN3D Epsilon W50 SC printers, to Czech customers.

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3Dwiser operates a unique Application Centre for 3D printing in Prague with the most varied range of 3D printers on the market, and there is also a branch office in Olomouc. The company is part of the Admasys International group.

The company helps customers to evaluate, choose and utilize 3D printers more efficiently. It draws on the expertise of its own team of specialists as well as direct cooperation with Czech and foreign manufacturers of printers and printing materials.

3Dwiser decided to partner with BCN3D for several reasons:
3Dwiser’s focus is on supporting additive manufacturing across the industry, in the areas of research, development, and production. Tomáš Soóky, CEO of 3Dwiser states: “We have followed the BCN3D team for many years and cheered them on in their development of desktop 3D printing with the IDEX architecture enabling a doubling of production capacity. BCN3D brings a fresh wind to the field of FFF printers. And when the range expanded to include industry-ready solutions, we are pleased to have agreed on the official partnership for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary to offer these solutions to our customers.”

“We very much appreciate the complete BCN3D ecosystem. The industry today demands complete, immediate, and easy-to-use solutions with well-integrated hardware, software, and materials. We are also looking forward to the new, unique technology Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM).”

As the CEO of BCN3D, Xavier Martínez Faneca is also excited about the collaboration with 3Dwiser: “3Dwiser is an extremely experienced and well-respected distributor of 3D Printing equipment. We are very excited to be partnering with them and I think that BCN3D customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary will be well served by their knowledgeable team. The partnership with 3Dwiser adds to the ongoing expansion of our Global Partner Network and is another example of the rapid growth of BCN3D.”

The team of 3Dwiser is focused on delivering quality services to demanding customers: “We try to learn as much as possible about the use of additive manufacturing in our region and the needs of professional users. We are a partner in a large-scale survey that examines the real use of 3D printing in Central European countries. It turned out that in 8 out of 10 companies that already have 3D printers, they use them intensively. Representatives of most of these companies also responded that they plan to expand 3D printing further in the company. Staying with engineering and manufacturing, in addition to prototypes, functional and end-use parts are increasingly being printed. The last two years have also shown a significant trend of increasing deployment of 3D printing in the largest Czech companies and car manufacturers.”

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