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27. September - 01. October 2022
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
19. - 26. October 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
01. - 05. February 2023
New Delhi, India
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A highly efficient packaging line at the Drinktec

A highly efficient packaging line at the Drinktec

News 29.07.2022

To visitors of the Drinktec in Munich, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will present jointly with its partners a highly efficient high-speed injection molding line at its booth from 12 to 16 September 2022.

wiba pm 07 2022 drinktec imd render inox

The Drinktec is a convenient platform for WITTMANN BATTENFELD to introduce its high-speed machines of the all-electric EcoPower Xpress series to potential customers from the beverage and liquid food sector. The EcoPower Xpress is a high-performance electric machine whose extremely dynamic injection, closing and opening drive shafts are laid out for fast movements and ultimate control accuracy. With minimal rotatory masses, this drive solution enables manufacturers to reach extremely high speeds and acceleration values, which are well above those achieved by electric spindle drives or even conventional hydraulic solutions.

At the Drinktec, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will demonstrate its expertise in the field of high-speed equipment for the packaging industry by producing HDPE screw caps for drink bottles with a diameter of 29/25 mm and a weight of 1.35 g, using a 32-cavity mold supplied by HTW, Austria, on an EcoPower Xpress 210/1100+. The machine is equipped with an IMDvista vision inspection system. The Swiss partner company will showcase a complete set of downstream equipment. Following cooling, orientation and precise separation, all closing caps are subjected to an inline quality check. Any faulty parts detected are automatically sorted out before the caps are passed on to the packaging station. The total cycle time for producing the parts is 2.5 seconds.

Additional exhibits at the Drinktec will be auxiliary appliances from the WITTMANN Group as stand-alone solutions.

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