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Solvay adds responsible sourcing to polymers ReCycle portfolio

Solvay adds responsible sourcing to polymers ReCycle portfolio

News 13.10.2022

Solvay is taking an additional step forward in its sustainability journey by launching high-performance products with a reduced carbon footprint for applications ranging from automotive and household appliances to electronics.

Following the mass balance method, Solvay will track and trace the flow of certified circular and/or renewable materials through the entire value chain. This will enable the new ReCycle MB* Specialty Polymers Portfolio to contribute to responsible sourcing and the transition to a sustainable circular economy.

As the first milestone in the project, the company recently gained ISCC-PLUS certification – a well-recognized standard for bio-based and recycled materials – for its Augusta, Georgia site. The site is currently manufacturing an ISCC-PLUS compliant sulfone monomer, which will subsequently be used for the production of Udel® PSU ReCycle MB and Radel® PPSU ReCycle MB sulfone polymers.

This certification process will cover a growing portfolio of products spanning different chemistries. Additional certified high-performance materials will become available globally soon, starting with Ryton® PPS ReCycle MB and Amodel® PPA ReCycle MB.

In addition to this, Solvay is continuously investing to improve the sustainability of its own operations and supply chain. In line with the company’s clear commitment to reducing emissions, 100% of the electricity that Solvay sources in the US for PPA, PPS, HPPA and PEEK base polymers production is renewable, supporting customers’ efforts to minimize their Scope 3 CO2 emissions.

Udel®, Radel®, Ryton® and Amodel® are registered trademarks of Solvay.
* Made with renewable and/or recycled materials by using the Mass Balance (MB) approach.

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