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Henkel and Carbon expand strategic partnership

Henkel and Carbon expand strategic partnership

News 17.11.2022

Henkel and Carbon has recently announced the expansion of their strategic relationship to offer several new resins, which are expected to be available on the Carbon idea-to-production platform in 2023. This follows the successful 2020 launch of LOCTITE IND405 Clear, a tough, clear resin that is used in production applications such as enclosures and housings.


Loctite IND147, fully validated for shipping as of Formnext 2022, is a photopolymer resin with high stiffness and high-temperature resistance. It was created for product designers and engineers who need a quick and easy way to print molds, fixtures, and manufacturing tools with smooth surfaces and accurate dimensions used under high-heat applications in industrial, consumer, and automotive markets. Additional resins from the expanding partnership are also expected to become available in 2023.

“The expansion of our partnership with Carbon follows the success we’ve had together and builds on our shared focus on production applications and better end-use parts for our customers,” said Sam Bail, Director of 3D Printing Sales from Henkel. “Carbon’s platform allows us to provide LOCTITE 3D printing’s unique industrial resins, creating more value for our customers.”

This strategic partnership builds on the unique combination of Carbon’s open material platform and DLS printing process with Henkel´s materials expertise, providing a portfolio of resins while expanding the possibilities for end-use parts, in less time.

“We’ve shared a great deal of success with Henkel and are thrilled to further expand our partnership with these new resins,” said Jason Rolland, SVP of Materials from Carbon. “With this partnership, Carbon has the most comprehensive one-part and dual-cure resin portfolio in the industry, providing an open solution for customers to create better products in less time.”


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