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Yizumi extends its A5 Series

Yizumi extends its A5 Series

News 12.07.2016

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Yizumi A5 machine.

Since A5 series small and medium tonnage (60-480 tons) injection molding machine was launched in September 2015, its distinct advantages have been widely recognized and proven by customers. Because of the customer demand for serialization of A5 machines, the A5 product line also has to be extended. Benefiting from those conditions, Yizumi starts to develop A5 machines whose clamping forces are over 560 tons. Maintaining the advantages of the whole A5 product line, Yizumi pays more attention to developing and testing the stability, reliability and plasticizing capacity of large-tonnage A5 machines, which just responds to the customer needs and pain points.

Customer pain point 1: High scrap rate, which is extremely wasteful and causes higher production costs.
Solution: Enhance the configuration of injection molding machines and make sure they are precise and stable.

100% product pass rate is the ultimate goal of every company, but the stability of machines shall directly affect the rate of qualified products. As the best configured hydraulic servo three-platen injection molding machines in China, Yizumi A5 series has excellent performance in stability.

1. Equip the clamping mechanism with proportional valves to enhance the stability of machine
The mold opening and closing positions are precisely controlled by proportional valve for effective low pressure mold protection and safer use of mold. Precise control of mold open position also greatly enhances the positioning accuracy of insertion and part removal by the robot. The repeatability of mold open position is up to ± 0.5mm.

2. Optimize the injection mechanism to enhance the injection accuracy and stability
The injection units of Yizumi large-tonnage A5 machines are supported by linear guides for easy control of rapid acceleration and deceleration. With the third-generation fast-response servo system and high-precision non-contact transducer, repeatability of injection end position is limited to ± 0.5mm under control. In addition, the coaxiality of injection screw and barrel is optimized; the fluctuation of injection screw is reduced; the turning torque of between the stationary platen and movable platen is eliminated; the friction between the screw and barrel is lower to ensure the precise control of injection pressure. Precise digital proportional back pressure control is standard on all Yizumi large-tonnage A5 machines, for the purpose of uniform plasticizing, more accurate shot weight. The repeatability of molded part weight is up to 3 ‰.

Customer pain point 2: Electricity used by the workshop takes up a large proportion of the production costs, and it mainly comes from the use of the medium and large tonnage injection molding machines.
Solution: Use a high-efficiency energy-saving servo injection molding machine.

With the introduction of circular economy, saving energy receives more and more attention. In addition, the analysis of corporate operating costs shows that running large-tonnage injection molding machines occupies a larger share of electricity expenses. Therefore, many enterprises choose servo energy-saving injection molding machines.

High efficiency and energy saving are essential features of Yizumi A5 series injection molding machine, and they are more distinct on the large tonnage machines. Energy consumption of A5 large tonnage machines is further reduced through three ways: first, reducing the friction between movable platen sliding supports and steel bands, lowering the proportion of extra work of mold opening and closing and improving the efficiency. Second, equipping the injection mechanism with high-precision linear guides to improve the response speed, lower the movement friction and reduce power losses. Third, optimizing the hydraulic lines to reduce the resistance, pressure loss and power consumption. Through the optimization mentioned above, A5 series large tonnage machines use at least 5% less energy than A2 series servo machines.

Customer pain point 3: defects like flow lines, burrs, bubbles, chromatic differences often occur in the molded parts, which causes a high defective product rate.
Solution: Optimize the barrel assembly, improve the plasticizing capacity and ensure good plasticizing effect.

Large three-platen machines have many distinctive advantages in manufacturing precise molded parts of complex shapes, and they are popular with customers because of the versatility. But large tonnage injection molding machines have to meet high requirements in the control of plasticizing quality.

To meet customers’ requirements on plasticizing, color mixing and efficiency, as well as to lower the difficulty of color change and purging, Yizumi A5 project team makes arduous efforts. Advanced German technology is introduced for the optimization of the whole barrel assembly. With the guidance of Engel’s former CTO Dr.-Ing.Hans Wobbe, Yizumi team optimizes the h1 / h2 / h3 parameters of the screw, compression ratio, material, heat treatment process, dimensional tolerances and end face angle of non-return ring, etc. Proven by users in the auto part and household appliance markets, A5 large-tonnage machines finally get the best balance between the plasticizing efficiency and color mixing. The problem of difficult purging and color change is also solved.


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