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Expansion of in-mold structural electronics

Expansion of in-mold structural electronics

News 09.03.2023

TactoTek, the Finnish IMSE technology pioneer, and HSL srl have signed licensing agreement to develop illumination and smart surfaces using TactoTek’s revolutionary IMSE technology. IMSE technology enables the design and development of smart 3D surfaces and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) within cars, combining intelligent light and touch functions in new ways, as required by the latest RFIs and RFQs from several premium OEMs.

With the licensing deal, HSL gets access to TactoTek’s comprehensive Intellectual Property through TactoTek Online, which covers everything needed for designing next-generation smart surfaces. HSL will be able to build lighting designs with TactoTek’s latest lighting platform – IMSE LightChannels. Utilizing IMSE functional films from TactoTek’s partners, HSL will provide final prototyping and system integration for innovative illuminated applications. HSL´s agile manufacturing platform for small and medium series applications round off the portfolio.

Light structures enable innovative designs for exclusive clients worldwide
Mirko Bonvecchio, CTO at HSL srl, describes: “HSL lighting concepts require design freedom. TactoTek’s IMSE technology can enable thin structures that enable us to look at new ways to design innovative lighting systems. With new illumination concepts, we can use light for decoration, and functional value. Our current ideas for the new generation backlighting can only be achieved with the thin structures that IMSE technology provides. With these light structures, we can extend our reach into high premium car brands, enabling our designs to stand out while saving space and weight.”

An important step in showcasing the In-Mold Structural Electronics eco-system and bringing together engineering and prototyping partners to build products for serial production
Marko-Suo Anttila, SVP of Consulting and Services at TactoTek, states: “TactoTek builds a global IMSE ecosystem to enable a broader implementation of this breakthrough technology. With HSL, we are expanding the ecosystem in a very fascinating way. License holder HSL implements IMSE technology with licensing partners, including engineering design and functional structure manufacturing, or creates the entire chain independently. This combination allows HSL to focus on R&D development, as well as fast and very sophisticated IMSE prototype services and small series production. We are very enthusiastic about this cooperation."

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