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Technical innovation fuels the growth of industries

Technical innovation fuels the growth of industries

News 09.03.2023

A few days ago, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association convened a committee of well-known domestic academicians and experts to hold an appraisal meeting for the "Research and Development of YIZUMI Self-Developed Ultra-Large High Precision and Intelligent Injection Molding Equipment and Process" in Suzhou, China.


Professor Wu Daming from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, who has been elected as a Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE), led the appraisal committee, which included professors and experts such as Su Dongping, executive vice president of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Wang Zhanjie, president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Guo Yiping, Chen Xi, Zhu Canyan, Cheng Dong, and others.

At the meeting, the appraisal committee listened to reports on product development, process and simulation, technical and economic analysis, etc., reviewed relevant technical data such as patent certificates, test reports, user reports and novelty search reports, and inspected the equipment production site. In the end, the appraisal committee highly appreciated YIZUMI's technical capacity and reached a unanimous decision that the equipment's technical indicators and performance had reached the international advanced level to pass the appraisal.

YIZUMI ultra-large high precision and intelligent injection molding equipment is a new product benchmarked against the world's cutting edge of science and technology and self-developed for the critical national demands.


The rated clamping force of this first domestic ultra-large two-platen high precision injection molding machine is 8500 tons and the maximum can reach up to 9000 tons. The machine is highly integrated and intelligent. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies in the industry, including double barrel plasticizing and injection technology, asynchronous collaborative control technology, precision translation & positioning control technology, and new process of injection molding and compression. Its plasticizing system is equipped with two injection units with a total injection weight of more than 140kg and the diameter of a single screw reaches 270mm, which meet the requirements for high-speed, high-efficiency and precision injection molding of large parts. It not only set a new record with the largest tonnage in China, but also the world's first double-barrel injection molding and compression process.

YIZUMI 8500T ultra-large injection molding machine with independent intellectual property rights has so far received three invention patents and one utility model patent. The successful completion of its research and development broke through the key technology of the domestic ultra-large machine tool and filled the gap in this field in China. Moreover, it will solve the difficulties of heavy equipment in processing, transportation, assembly, etc. and difficulties in the integrated molding of ultra-large plastic parts, fuel the growth of automobile, aerospace, ship, and other industries, and highlight the strong technical capability of YIZUMI.

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