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3D printed lattice parts

3D printed lattice parts

News 16.03.2023
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Picture: Diversified Plastics, Inc.

3D printed lattice parts meet the growing demand for lighter products. Optimized geometries, lattices and materials can meet specification for strength and durability, while reducing overall weight.

Dynamic lattice design is one way to achieve performance enhancement. Reducing the weight of a part minimizes material cost and shortens production time. Carbon DLS can achieve structural and non-structural lattice elements. Typically, uniform non-structural lattice removes unnecessary material. Structural lattice, with non-uniform struts and skin of varying thicknesses, removes weight and withstands defined service loads.

Based on application requirements, lattices can be printed using Carbon DLS with multiple functional zones that have varying mechanical properties in the same part. Specialized software tools and Carbon’s lattice library allows engineers to optimize the ideal lattice parameters, such as unit cell type, shape and structure.

Source: Diversified Plastics, Inc.

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