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High-accuracy and reliable feeding solutions

High-accuracy and reliable feeding solutions

News 23.03.2023

At this year’s Chinaplas (April 17-20, 2023, Shenzhen, P.R. China) Colormax Systems, a brand of Coperion, Stuttgart/Germany, is presenting feeding solutions for plastics processing and recycling at the Coperion Booth in the German Pavilion. The high-accuracy loss-in-weight twin screw feeder C/S-LW-NT28 will be on display. This feeder and all other Colormax feeders are ideal for reliable feeding at a consistent performance.

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Colormax Systems loss-in-weight feeders, such as the C/S-LW-NT28, are ideal for high product quality applications thanks to the reliable, consistent and high-accuracy feeding technology.

Loss-in-Weight Feeders for High Product Quality Applications
At Chinaplas, Colormax Systems is exhibiting a C/S-LW-NT28 twin screw loss-in-weight feeder mounted on top of a Coperion STS 25 Mc11 laboratory extruder. Loss-in-weight feeders are ideal for applications where the bulk density of the material being fed is not consistent, or when precise feed accuracy is critical to the quality of the end product. These feeders are often required for continuous processes, such as extrusion, where precise ratios of multiple ingredients must be controlled. Twin screw loss-in-weight feeders are an ideal solution for more difficult to handle bulk materials.

The NT28 twin screw loss-in-weight feeder is designed to provide high value, reliable and accurate gravimetric feeding for a wide variety of materials including hard to handle bulk solids such as poor flowing powders. Feed rates range from 5 to 600 dm³/h, depending on feeder capacity and material characteristics.

NT28 feeder is mounted on the Colormax Systems C2 scale, which uses a high-speed, highly accurate load cell. The scale is constructed of stainless steel and the scale housing is completely enclosed. All feeder parts that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The feeder is easily disassembled for cleaning or change-over. The gravimetric control software of the Colormax Systems loss-in-weight feeders provides consistent, accurate, reliable and repeatable results. The operator interface allows for individual unit and recipe control. Each feeder has its own control board. Connection between control boards and operator interface is done via industrial protocol.

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