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Showcasing sustainable everyday living

Showcasing sustainable everyday living

News 19.04.2023

LyondellBasell is taking part in Chinaplas 2023 (April 17th- 20th, Shenzhen, China). Under the theme of “We make a sustainable tomorrow possible”, LyondellBasell is displaying five innovative application scenarios at its booth to demonstrate how its solutions are contributing to sustainable everyday living. During the exhibition, LyondellBasell is also going to announce their latest collaborative work with upstream and downstream parties in the value chain, including Nippon Paint China, Jiangsu WMGrass and Genox. By deepening local cooperation, LyondellBasell aims to promote local innovative recycling ecosystems and together with industry partners shape a more sustainable future.

"Chemical materials are critical in modern and sustainable living. The five daily application scenarios showcased at our booth vividly demonstrate how our products can enhance sustainability in various downstream sectors, helping to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable life for consumers," said Limin Fu, vice president of JV Management and Polyolefins at LyondellBasell China. "In China, we are committed to ensuring localized supply of products by continuing to expand collaboration with local brands, developing sustainable solutions, and enabling the circular economy."

"China is extremely important to the LyondellBasell Advanced Polymer Solutions business. Its development of circular economy and dual carbon initiatives provides us with accelerated opportunities in various markets such as electric vehicles, low-energy buildings and eco-friendly packaging," said Joanne Swiggett, vice president of Advanced Polymer Solutions at LyondellBasell APAC and AFMEI. "We will continue to push forward the localization measures, combining global technology with local needs and working with industry partners to develop solutions that enable a safer and more sustainable future for China."

Joining forces with local partners to foster a more sustainable future via the circular economy
LyondellBasell Circulen product portfolio, including CirculenRecover, CirculenRevive, and CirculenRenew polymers, is a key step in fulfilling the company's commitment to sustainability. Through mechanical recycling, advanced (molecular) recycling and making polymers from bio-based feedstocks, the Circulen product line promotes the recycling of plastics, and reduction of fossil-based feedstocks. Circulen products can provide customized sustainable solutions for customers' application needs in different industries, such as food packaging, medical product packaging, vehicles and home appliances.

Since its launch at Chinaplas in 2021, Circulen solutions have been recognized by several brands in China. LyondellBasell has joined with Nippon Paint China to release their latest collaboration achievement during the Chinaplas Media Day on April 16 – new coating packaging made from CirculenRecover polypropylene (PP). CirculenRecover PP is mechanically recycled from plastic waste, which reduces plastic waste from entering the environment, helps to promote the circular economy, and increases the sustainability value of consumer products.

LyondellBasell is establishing a joint venture company with Genox Recycling to build a mechanical plastics recycling plant in Zhaoqing, Guangzhou. In addition, LyondellBasell will collaborate with Jiangsu WM Grass to release the artificial turf made from recycled plastics – “GreenRhythm”.

High-performance materials for high-quality living
From a bottle of water, a lunchbox, and a toy, to washing machines and refrigerators, LyondellBasell materials are embedded throughout our daily consumer goods. With a diverse portfolio of polyolefins, advanced polymers, additive masterbatches and color concentrates, LyondellBasell provides complete solutions with high-performance materials to enhance the quality of life.

The extensive LyondellBasell product portfolio includes polypropylene (PP) (homopolymer, copolymer and impact copolymer) and polyethylene (PE), which are widely used in both flexible and rigid packaging markets. In food packaging, consumer product packaging and chemical packaging, LyondellBasell PP and PE provide excellent stiffness and environmental stress cracking resistance, allowing for reduced wall thickness, less material usage and lower costs.

LyondellBasell low shrinkage PP compounding can replace Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), making it suitable for appliance components with flexibility in design, excellent durability, and dimensional stability while optimizing costs. Schulablend engineering polymer alloy materials are made of advanced formula and processing techniques and can be used for the structure of refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers, and various types of household appliances, as well as plastic-for-steel part replacement. This helps customers reduce costs, weight and the number of parts, with no need for spray coating, while providing good appearance and additional functions. LyondellBasell high-performance color masterbatches offer strong coloring power, high color accuracy and strong color stability, making them suitable for a wide variety of consumer applications.

Making cars lighter and run farther
Whether it is bumpers, instrument panels, interior trims, under-the-hood applications or structural parts and body panels, LyondellBasell offers solutions from its rich polymer product line. With our years of experience in the automotive industry, we provide precise and suitable solutions for automotive components.

Low-density and foamed Hostacom interior materials and Hifax automotive exterior materials strike a balance between light weight and high-performance. Hifax materials can also be used for car tailgates and fenders, as a means of replacing steel with plastics to help make cars lighter, more energy-efficient and achieve longer mileage. Hifax, Hostacom, and Invision materials can respectively be applied to produce front trunk “compartments”, decorative components, and covers, ensuring the sealing and covering performance of the front trunk.

Translucent plastics offer numerous new options for personalized light design. The material offers outstanding optical and mechanical properties, and high durability, for use in car interior and exterior applications. Schulamid nylon and Schuladur polyester materials, which could be laser-welded, are applied to automotive sensor housings. They feature low deformation at the welding interface and high welding strength, ensuring the stable operation of vehicles. The LyondellBasell Lupolen resin series, developed for plastic fuel tanks (PFT), demonstrates outstanding chemical resistance and low-temperature impact performance, making vehicles lighter while meeting safety specifications.

Enabling healthcare applications
Packaging materials for medical and healthcare products are subject to stringent requirements. The LyondellBasell Purell product series is trusted because it was specifically developed for customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, helping to meet their high-performance material demands while meeting requirements that safeguard consumers' health and safety.

High-performance medical packaging materials must protect reagents' activity to the greatest extent possible. Purell PE 3020D is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material with high rigidity, outstanding organoleptic properties and inertia to most chemicals. It is used in small blow molding (blow-fill-seal technology) and injection molding processes to produce medical packaging, caps and connectors. Purell PE 3020D can also be applied to sterile packaging for aesthetic medical products, including ampoules, and has achieved mature market recognition.

Medical devices have the most diverse applications in the medical and healthcare sector, posing the most challenging requirements for materials. Purell LDPE, HDPE, and PP resins are widely used in various medical device scenarios, such as surgical equipment, diagnostic devices, products for treating or assisting treatment of diseases, injuries or disabilities, and injection, inhalation or oral drug delivery systems.

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