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More efficient, more intelligent, more sustainable

More efficient, more intelligent, more sustainable

News 19.04.2023

From April 17th to 20th, 2023, WINTEC - member of the ENGEL Group, is presenting its t-win servo-hydraulic driven two-plate injection molding machines and the new digital solution iQ weight control at CHINAPLAS 2023. With higher production quality, better energy efficiency, more convenient operating system, less space and longer service life, the t-win machine is dedicated to meet the production and application requirements of plastic products in automotive, home appliance, mold and other industries, and help the injection molding industry accelerate towards sustainable production and industrial intelligence.

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t-win series: to achieve efficient, intelligent and sustainable production
In response to the "3060" peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality strategy, WINTEC t-win hydraulic injection molding machines will help customers in various industries to achieve sustainable development goals from the source of production and build a carbon neutral recycling ecology of the whole value chain.

The machine has multiple advantages: short stroke clamping cylinders and synchronous clamping devices can effectively reduce cycle time and increase productivity; compact twoplate design can achieve a smaller footprint; servowin servo drive technology can ensure fast machine operation and reduce energy consumption by more than 60% compared to traditional hydraulic injection molding machines; high-end components and low wear design can extend the service life of the machine and mold by more than 15 to 20 years.

Notably, the t-win machine has also been upgraded with the powerful C3 controller. Equipped with an ergonomically designed full HD 15-inch screen, optimized panel position and capacitive keys for individual user, the system offers intuitive and easy-to-use, personalized navigation pages and function keys, as well as intelligent auxiliary functions to optimize productivity and ensure quality, and a wide range of standard communication interfaces for peripheral devices to ensure long-term scalability and availability.

The road to smart manufacturing and smart factory for injection molding production
With the continuous impelling of Industry 4.0 and the development of digital technology, intelligent manufacturing and smart factories with high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption have become the strategic goal pursued by various manufacturing companies. In order to help realize this goal, WINTEC and its parent company ENGEL Group have launched many digital solutions that provide a solid foundation to help customers realize green and intelligent production.

In addition to the C3 control unit, together with the services provided by TIG, ENGEL's subsidiary focusing on digital solutions, WINTEC can develop a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) according to customer requirements, enabling real-time monitoring the plant and manufacturing process, thus creating a true Dark Factory. At the same time, through the e-connect and e-connect.24 functions, WINTEC can provide the real-time online service of technical, spare parts and other after sales inquiries to machine operators and plant managers which ensures a quick response to customers' business needs.

In 2022, ENGEL Group released the iQ weight control function to WINTEC t-win machines. This digital solution ensures consistently high-quality parts in continuous production through automatic compensation of material batch fluctuations, intelligent production process control and automatic adjustment. In the future, WINTEC will continue to provide customers with efficient digital solutions to further reduce the cost and energy consumption of injection molding production.

Expansion and investment, roll out from China to the global market
Carrying the advanced technology originating from Europe, WINTEC was established in Changzhou, China in 2014 to provide the standard high-performance injection molding machines in China and worldwide. In addition to its excellent and reliable product quality, local R&D support, after-sales service, and spare parts supply are the keys to WINTEC's success. After more than 9 years of development, WINTEC gradually expanded from China to the rest of Asia, METAI (Middle East, Turkey, Africa and India), as well as the Americas and Europe.

In 2023, WINTEC will launch a new investment plan to improve R&D capabilities and production capacity in China, upgrade production and office infrastructure, as well as invest in PV green power projects to ensure sufficient and stable power supply for more efficient production.

Looking into the future, WINTEC and ENGEL Group will continue to provide customers with efficient, intelligent, and sustainable products and service, contributing to strengthen the foundation of customers’ intelligent production.

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