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Exploring green manufacturing in a simpler and smarter way

Exploring green manufacturing in a simpler and smarter way

News 04.05.2023

On April 17th, during the YIZUMI CONNECT 2023, Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (shorten as YIZUMI RIM) jointly hosted the Rubber & Plastic Molding Technology Conference with the theme of "Advancing Towards a Smarter and Greener Future" with the Key Laboratory of Polymer Molding Processing Engineering of the Ministry of Education of the South China University of Technology, the Products Branch of China Rubber Industry Association, and the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Equipment for Polymers.


Up to 130 guests including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professors from the South China University of Technology, leaders of the China Rubber Industry Association, industry experts, and representatives of rubber product companies came to YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory and visited the Rubber Machine Plant, Testing Center, i-Factory, and Ultra Large Die Casting Machine Factory as well as innovative products and relevant turnkey solutions.

Guests could have a more intuitive grasp of the prospect of digital transformation of equipment manufacturers and the potential for them to learn how to achieve 360-degree digitalization and play a core role value in enterprise during the visit.

YIZUMI RIM showcased a variety of models with low energy consumption and total solutions for full automation at the China Wusha No.3 Factory as part of the YIZUMI CONNECT 2023, focusing on " Advancing Towards a Smarter and Greener Future ". The YL2-V200F, YL2-V300L, and YL2-V350L are the first Asian series model with modular applications in the global rubber injection machine industry. YL-H300F is horizontal series designed by the European team and equipped with an ultra-high pressure injection unit, which can easily produce low-viscosity thin-walled parts. The YL-C50F is a small high-precision injection machine series with a high injection accuracy of 0.05g. The YL3-V280F is our European series with high precision and large working space benchmarking European standards.

It is YIZUMI RIM first show of its innovation achievement after the smooth transition of the pandemic. Including new products and solutions such as industrial internet, peripheral equipment, and rubber injection molding machines. From the variety of product selections, it is evident that YIZUMI is not only a provider of traditional vulcanization equipment but also can offer production units with intelligent equipment and digital vulcanization workshop solutions, which enables "Intelligent. Simple." for rubber parts molding and offers customers a significant means of lowering production and management costs.


Mr. Wang Shihai, General Manager of YIZUMI RIM, embodied, "After a year of planning and preparation, YIZUMI would like to present our guests the new achievements of YIZUMI in the rubber field since the last YIZUMI CONNECT in 2017, to demonstrate the latest technological research and development achievements of YIZUMI and innovative molding cases. To also show customers that YIZUMI is actively building a real digital factory by transforming from a traditional process-oriented factory to a data-based and automated factory."

We carry the idea of openness and sharing. Based on the cooperation and comprehension of numerous high-end customers in Europe and the United States, the leaders and staff of YIZUMI RIM had an extensive discussion with the guests on the current development status of the industry, future development trends, and other topics. We also thoroughly exchanged views and thoughts on topics such as industry needs and technology trends etc.

Visitors expressed a keen interest in our products and intelligent manufacturing solutions during the visit, appreciating our capacity for innovation, and recognizing our development strategy of "To be a world-class molding equipment solution provider".

YIZUMI has always been closely focused on the technological development strategy, based on new technology and equipment of rubber and plastic materials and their composite molding system, combining production, study, and research, advancing towards the layout of green low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and other technical directions, to further enhance the leading competitive advantage of YIZUMI in the field of polymer molding technology.

YIZUMI RIM is creating fresh and stronger core competencies to improve its competitiveness. To support the enterprise's expansion into larger and stronger markets, we must seize the new opportunities brought about by the latest round of market pattern changes and industry development mode adjustments and also focus on technology and products, customers and markets, production, and operations.

The plans for YIZUMI RIM include prioritizing technological innovation, searching for core technology breakthroughs, and developing a global innovation platform; Secondly, we need to accelerate the development for globalization, increasing international market shares and improving localized operations in international markets. Finally, we will transition from a functional organization to a customer-value-oriented, process-oriented organization, combining it with the process, and integrating IPD, ISC, and LTC.

YIZUMI RIM is devoted to the intelligent and simple manufacturing and management of rubber products, delivering premium product quality and excellent corporate culture. We are thankful for the encouragement and endorsement of our business, and look forward to providing our clients with more value.

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