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WITTMANN presents new solutions for material conveying systems

WITTMANN presents new solutions for material conveying systems

News 27.07.2016
FEEDMAX basic and FEEDMAX plus material loaders

The updated version of the WITTMANN central loader with discharge shut-off valve is known as FEEDMAX basic. Key features are the easy cleaning due to the fact that the vacuum connection is separate from the canted lid, as well as the ability to set the desired conveying time easily via potentiometer. The FEEDMAX basic has a capacity of up to 6 l. In combination with high-capacity blowers, the loader manages high material throughputs and longer conveying distances. Thus, the FEEDMAX    basic is well suited for use in workcells or when drying hoppers have to be filled with a volume of up to 150 l from a long distance.

image from Witt-NR-05-2016 FEEDMAX-basic-FEEDMAX-plus-TEACHBOX-plus-1 1

FEEDMAX basic (left) and FEEDMAX plus

The “big brother” of the FEEDMAX basic is an advanced version of the WITTMANN central material loader with a shut-off valve, and is called FEEDMAX plus. It has a capacity of up to 80 l. It is also equipped with potentiometer setting, and it differs from the FEEDMAX basic in terms of its material discharge. It can be used at the machine inlet when high material throughputs have to be handled.

Both units are equipped with the ambiLED status display, which makes it easy for the operator to quickly determine the condition of the conveying unit. Both loader models also meet the high WITTMANN quality standards. All loader parts that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The flap lids have an integrated filter screen. The material inlets are made of cast stainless steel with considerable wall thickness, thus guaranteeing more safety.

New concept for conveying systems: net5 system – TEACHBOX basic


The TEACHBOX basic forms the centerpiece of the new so-called net5system from WITTMANN. It offers the possibility of controlling up to 24 devices overall(no matter whether these are FEEDMAX basic or FEEDMAX plus loaders inindividual cases). The TEACHBOX basic can also control up to two vacuum circuits and upto four drying systems of the ATON plus series. Beyond that, the control offilter stations and suction valves is also possible. Linked units are identified automatically. These units are displayed on a highres 4.7" touch-screen: for simple operator guidance and process parameter display. Settings for conveying, vacuum, anddryer can be easily changed (depending of the preset user rights). The TEACHBOXbasic can be disconnected even when the system is operational. As an alternative tousing it for controlling a conveying system, it can be used for two independently operating vacuum circuits. When a conveying system needs to be operated from several points, an additional TEACHBOX basic can be used – integrated at any point of the system.


Visualization of material loaders on the TEACHBOX basic screen.

Markus Wolfram, WITTMANN Sales Manager of the Bulk Materials Department in Wolkersdorf near Vienna, says that “the industry trend continues to move towards central vacuum conveying systems. The WITTMANN TEACHBOX basic greatly simplifies this process. It can control the combination of a central system and also various single conveying units without any difficulty. All the material loaders that are equipped with the ambiLED function can be used with the net5 system, and can be combined in any order. The graphical user interface of the TEACHBOX basic allows for a centralized modification of conveying times, and for the activation and deactivation of all devices. When many conveying units are present, this can often lead to confusion and error. Here, however, the ambiLED status display automatically corrects the material loaders and the status display reacts immediately when settings are modified.”

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