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Maicopresse at Plast 2023 in Milan

Maicopresse at Plast 2023 in Milan

News 26.08.2023

Maicopresse presents the new line of unique, medium/large-tonnage ELECTRIC plastic injection moulding machines. High energy savings combined with the usual reliability of Maicopresse machines.

Maicopresse looks forward to meeting visitors at PLAST 2023 exhibition (Milan 05-08/09/2023) where the company will show their machine model M-L 1100 I.M. ELECTRIC complete with IROBI ejector robot for moulded items.

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Oops they did it again
Once again Maicopresse has successfully taken on a new challenge, designing and manufacturing an ELECTRIC machine with high energy and production efficiency: M-L 1100 I.M. ELECTRIC.

After the realisation of the first HYBRID machine with electric clamping on the market and more recently the production of the two-platen HYDRO 5000 machine, Maicopresse developed the ELECTRIC series.

Right from the start Maicopresse focused on the design of a medium/high tonnage machine, 1100 tons, to meet the needs of the customers. The ELECTRIC series provides an immediate competitive advantage by differentiating itself through its uniqueness from other electric solutions currently on the market.

Electro-hydrostatic injection
The added value of Maicopresse ELECTRIC series is its electro-hydrostatic injection thanks to the new EPU (electro-hydrostatic pump motor unit) concept. EAS systems, of which EPU is a part, combine hydraulic and electrical technology in a compact housing. They are particularly suitable for use in traditionally electrical applications that require advanced fail-safe systems.

The electro-hydrostatic injection, thanks to the transmission of the hydraulic motion, allows the elimination of the mechanical transmission on the electrical injection motion thus removing from the process a sensitive and critical element such as the presence of mechanical components. In traditional electric machines, transmission is carried out by means of belts, recirculating rollers or balls; in the ELECTRIC machines by Maicopresse these mechanical parts are non-existent.

In practical terms the main advantage is less maintenance and fewer replacements of above mentioned mechanical components.

High energy saving and efficiency
An intrinsic feature of the machine is its high energy and production efficiency, typical of a full electric machine.

Electric consumption tested on the ELECTRIC series ranges between 0.25-0.30 kW/kg transformed, with energy savings of about -25% compared to Maicopresse HYBRID series machines. Cycle times are significantly reduced for a high-performance machine with low environmental impact, high productivity and a strong reduction in operating costs.

The advantages of the ELECTRIC series can be translated into a few key points:
- Energy saving at the highest level
- High productivity
- Very little noise
- Minimum operating costs
- Less maintenance

Highest quality standards
The inherent quality of Maicopresse machines remains very high in all aspects of the machinery, for a high performance made in Italy product.

Newly developed injection unit, robust top-quality mechanics with forged steel platens, software fully interconnected with company management systems to meet all Industry 4.0 requirements.

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