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Bringing high performance molds to Mexico and Latin America

Bringing high performance molds to Mexico and Latin America

News 09.11.2023

StackTeck is exhibiting once again at the Plastimagen 2023 Show that is taking place in Mexico City from November 7th to November10th, 2023, having a high precision injection mold running at the show, featuring a sustainable packaging solution.

Mold in Machine 1

Fig. 1: 1x4 TRIM Mold in Sumitomo Demag El-Exis SP 4200 Machine

This ultra-thin molding technology is running at the in a Sumitomo Demag El-Exis SP 4200 machine which is part of an ultra-high speed hybrid series of injection molding machines. The system is running a 1x4 500g rectangular container mold that features the TRIMTM (Thin Recess Injection Molding) light weighting technology allowing for 20%-part weight savings. In addition, this part is molded with a hybrid PP resin with 30% recycled content supplied by Total Energies. This ultra-lightweight 500g container has TRIM panels as thin as 0.25mm.

According to Christopher Day, Authorized Sales Representative for Mexico and Latin America:


Fig. 2: 1x4 TRIM Mold with panels as thin as 0.25 mm

"We are proud of our track record of bringing high performance molds to this region allowing us to demonstrate our different technologies with some of our partners at this tradeshow. This newest high productivity fast cycling mold running at Plastimagen, adds more to our portfolio of mold technologies, which are driven by our desire to offer more sustainable options and real advantages to our customers, pushing part weight boundaries, and including recycled content in the resins used.”

Static displays in StackTeck’s booth will feature the latest technologies with plastic parts and steel components. Some of these include PET Preform mold parts highlighting cooling and post mold cooling technologies, 5 piece collapsing core, In Mold Labeling (IML), specialty coatings, KoolTrack™, and closure technologies among others.

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