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Packaging automation knows no boundaries

Packaging automation knows no boundaries

News 23.11.2023

Campetella Robotic Center is attending the exclusive TG TECH DAYS event scheduled for 29 - 30 November 2023 at the Top Grade Molds’ Technology Center.

The focus will be on IML technology, next generation automation and innovative robotic solutions within the industrial packaging industry.

SM3-D X-Series is the perfect solution to handle IML applications with limited opening strokes since its arms move individually for highest performance in as little space as possible.

Sturdy, flexible and highly performant, it combines the productivity typical of all the side-entry robots with a versatility that is quite revolutionary for this category. Its innovative vibration-free architecture, featured by a solid ground base and a double column support, besides ensuring maximum precision, grants fast work cycles with higher payloads in medium-high tons IMMs. Moreover, its long strokes in all directions provide high centering flexibility.

At TG Tech Days the Campetella X-Series SM3-D side-entry robot performs high-speed IML application on plastic buckets and fully automatic assembly of support handles, buffered for cooling.

Unlike all the traditional side-entry robots, it requires no external palletizing axis or gripping system. Its long travels on all the three axes, together with the built-in wrist, allow the robot to carry out all pick-up, drop-down and palletizing operations with a single end of arm tooling in a sequential manner. By avoiding the parallel coordination of an external palletizing axis, programming and managing operations get much simpler. Its absence also allows to quickly invert the gripping side on the fixed or moving surface, thus increasing flexibility when it comes to productions where a mold change is needed. In fact, SM3-D can easily fit IMMs and moulds of different dimensions.

Transferring parts between different gripping hands is a very delicate operation, especially in multi-cavity applications, where loss of alignment and piece-dropping may easily occur. The presence of a single EOAT avoids such risks, thus preventing possible downtimes and consequent loss of productivity.

Whether you need speed, compactness or flexibility, Campetella has it all and can easily provide you with a customized solution based on your most demanding production needs, including complex automation cells made up of standard robots that give birth to fully automated systems requiring no human intervention.

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