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Trexel establishes global presence for hardware and engineering support

Trexel establishes global presence for hardware and engineering support

News 19.08.2016

Trexel presents itself at K 2016 in Dusseldorf with its MuCell experts increasingly aligned as a global engineering company. Focusing on lightweight construction with thermoplastic foaming technologies, the pooled know-how is available globally. Successfully implemented mass-produced parts are on display at the trade fair stand. In production, the different types of the completely deployed T-Series offer convincingly simple operation, great dosing precision, and long-lasting process reliability.

Strategic focus on thermoplastic lightweight construction with foams


In this mass produced and decorated MuCell interior panel, the tooling time was reduced by 60%.

Many practical examples show that MuCell components have enormous potential for weight savings and increased productivity. Nevertheless, many designers and component developers still have lingering doubts, because many characteristics can not be predicted fully. Unlike the case in compact injection molding, these uncertainties are often overestimated and the project stopped, because different degrees of reliability are demanded. "It is precisely here that the MuCell Engineering Network steps in to offer help to designers and give them contacts to partners, in order to clarify the unanswered questions". So says Brian Bechard, CEO & President of Trexel Inc. "Our goal is to ensure that possible potential is not frivolously endangered through exaggerated reliability concerns". Trexel activates its global collaboration in order to provide the right information to the global development and production sites, where it is needed. Upon request, the MuCell experts will handle the project management for all the engineering tasks, as well as the central communication and coordination with the customer. The fact that the standardization concept is bearing fruit is confirmed by the guidelines for foamed components recently published by a prestigious European automobile manufacturer.

Tangible lightweight construction

The components exhibited at the trade fair stand underscore how effective the collaboration can be. And it becomes just as clear that saving weight may indeed often be the first concern, but the expanded process and design options of MuCell offer additional advantages, which in the end translate into technical and economic success. Dr. Hartmut Traut, CEO and Business Director Europe: "One of the highlights is surely the automobile interior panel with up to 60% shorter tooling time and thus faster component availability". The component was produced strictly using MuCell design, and the production processes and equipment were also adapted accordingly. The results speak for themselves: "50% faster cycle time, 40% lower weight, 40% lower tool costs", says the happy Dr. Traut, "giving our customer an enormous competitive edge". The potential for such MuCell applications is almost unlimited, as demonstrated by additional representative exhibits.

From small to large - T-Series offers fantastic ease of operation


The easy-to-use equipment of the T-Series in an autonomous version with display.

The company focuses not only on component design but also on the reliable mass production of MuCell components. For each MuCell component produced, the foam content can be tracked exactly and is documented. The level of quality reached in this way is illustrated by the positive feedback from customers regarding the recently deployed systems of the T-Series. "Child's play to operate, great reliability with extremely precise process stability", says Bechard, "that is the unanimous opinion of customers, regardless of the region in which the T-Series is used". The T-Series sets new standards for convenient operation and process precision. The simplicity of operation is something visitors can experience for themselves at the fair stand on the displayed types T-100, T-200/T-300 and T-400. Regardless of equipment size, the T-Series is a convincing solution for versatile applications, whether with or without a separate display. The T-Series is available in four sizes and encompasses the performance range from very large foaming applications (such as dashboard supports or subfloor paneling) all the way down to small components (such as connectors, printer elements, and lock casings for cars). The component size "T-100", which is designed especially for small parts, offers potential for a further advance into new areas of application. The appearance at the fair is rounded out by the presentation of live applications on producing machines at partner companies.

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