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Converting the packaging material to polypropylene

Converting the packaging material to polypropylene

News 15.02.2024

Rosti Turkey successfully supported a global cosmetic brand to achieve their sustainability objectives by converting the packaging material to Polypropylene, as well as realising the benefits of Injection Mould Labelling (IML).

Having worked closely with the customer to understand their sustainability targets, Rosti Turkey were well positioned to support them in reducing the weight of the packaging by 7.6 grams per unit, eliminating secondary energy-intensive production processes. This further reduced the environmental impact of the product and realised a 22% cost saving.

Sustainable Injection Moulding
Rosti Turkey converted to Polypropylene from a crystal jar which has enabled the customer to save operational time and money whilst producing a more environmentally friendly product. Previously, the customer used a crystal version of a jar which required a secondary heat treatment post-production to apply labelling.

Converting to Polypropylene and In-Mould Labelling, there is now no need for secondary processing. As a result, the energy and time required have been removed from the production process.

Collaboration with Tooling Partner
As a result of transitioning to a new material, Rosti worked closely with their long-term tooling partners to design and test new tooling to ensure it met the desired quality standards. Rosti suppliers supported them to observe and develop the tooling and process throughout the manufacturing phase.

This collaborative approach was vital as Rosti were converting to a new material and injection moulding process along with adjustments to the product. Through developing collaborative working relationship with the client, Rosti specialists have been able to reduce the carbon footprint of the product and manufacturing process by 12% which has also resulted in a 22% cost saving.

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