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No waste spoon

No waste spoon

News 06.06.2024

New leftover spoon combines design and functionality
After a careful design process, starlim is now proud to introduce the new No Waste Spoon which the company developed in cooperation with its customer SIOUX. This innovative kitchen tool is the result of our many years of expertise and several design loops that helped starlim to meet high standards of design and functionality.

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starlim's goal was to develop a product that is not only visually appealing, but also meets the highest functional requirements. After several trials and optimizations, starlim specialists found the ideal design.

Made in Austria
The No Waste Spoon is manufactured at starlim's factory in Marchtrenk using a two-component injection molding process. The handle is made from a glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material, which is exceptionally robust and durable thanks to the glass fibers. The front part of the spoon is made of a food-safe, temper-free silicone that is injected over the thermoplastic core. This material is not only soft and adapts perfectly to the various contours of any container but also dimensionally stable and durable.

What makes our leftover spoon so special
The lower edge of the spoon was deliberately designed to be slightly softer, as it adapts perfectly to the curves of the various container bases. In addition to its functionality, the overall shape of the spoon was designed to offer a pleasant mouth feel. This means that those with a sweet tooth can remove their treats from the packaging and enjoy them immediately.

So that you can put the spoon down after eating without dirtying the table or kitchen worktop, the spoon has an integrated stand on the side. The spoon is dishwasher-safe and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +105°C. It is also BPA-free and contains no harmful substances.

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