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New injection molding solution for CPVC pipe fittings

New injection molding solution for CPVC pipe fittings

News 06.06.2024

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) has been widely used in many industries such as construction, chemical engineering, water supply, and electricity due to its excellent flame resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, and durability. With the vigorous development of global infrastructure construction and the increasing awareness of fire safety among people, the demand for CPVC fittings is showing a continuous growth trend. Especially in the Asia Pacific region, with the continuous increase in population and the rapid advancement of urbanization, the strong demand for housing infrastructure will further drive the expansion of the CPVC pipe fittings market. It is worth mentioning that CPVC, as a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, is in line with the global trend of green economy development.


However, during the injection molding process of CPVC pipe fittings, there are several technical challenges:
1.The melt viscosity of CPVC is higher than that of PVC, and its fluidity is extremely poor. The wall thickness of large pipe joints is large, requiring ultra long holding time and large holding pressure, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of injection molding operations.
2.Due to the extremely narrow temperature range of CPVC injection molding, the requirements for the screw barrel are particularly high. To strictly control the shear heat of the screw, the temperature must be strictly controlled to prevent harmful gases generated by thermal decomposition and material performance degradation. This has extremely high requirements for CPVC injection molding machines, especially large CPVC injection molding equipment.
3.CPVC will release hydrogen chloride gas during the processing, which is corrosive to equipment and has adverse effects on product quality, performance, and production efficiency. Therefore, processing CPVC requires extremely high corrosion resistance of the equipment.

BOLE overcame the difficulties of CPVC molding and developed a super large specialized screw with a weight of 245mm and a weight of 75KG, a special plasticizing system with a 150000 Nm high torque and low speed electric closed-loop adhesive solution. The screw speed can be adjusted from 1-15RPM/Min to achieve closed-loop. Combined with the company's independently developed advanced temperature and cooling control system, the screw barrel does not exceed the temperature and does not decompose within 30 minutes of normal production cycle. With a unique central locking structure, it produces high-quality and high-performance CPVC pipe fittings. Coupled with a special electric adhesive and a special long-term pressure control system, it saves 35% -50% of energy compared to traditional hydraulic servo injection molding machines, meeting the continuous growth needs of the market and providing customers with excellent product experience.

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