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Husky at K 2016: An Exhaustive Range of Solutions

Husky at K 2016: An Exhaustive Range of Solutions

News 07.09.2016

Once again, Husky Injection Molding Systems will put its solutions and services on display at K show this year. Technologies developed by the company deliver a wide list of industries and production sectors including closures, drink packaging, medical, beauty care, household chemicals, automotive and consumer electronics.

CEO of Husky, John Galt, considers the company’s participation at K 2016 an opportunity for highlighting the diversity of markets they work in, and for displaying how their products result in production optimization and lead times decrease.

New fully integrated closure molding systems: a world premiere

Two new systems will be put on display for the very first time. One is HyCAP™ 4 system for injection molding of beverage closures, while the other one provides for manufacture of specialty closures. HyCAP™ 4 improves performance, increases energy efficiency and ensures a better user experience thanks to machine, mold and all the tooling being developed as integrant parts of one solution. Production of 1.25 g 29/25 closures for mineral water bottles with a cycle time of 2.4 s will be showcased at K 2016 using a HyCAP™ 4 system. As for its specialty closure counterpart, it will produce a 6.1 g shampoo flip-top with a cycle time of less than 8.5 s. A fully integrated in-mold closing technology named eIMC keeps molding process control more precise, resulting in better part quality with a 20+ percent cycle time reduction at the same time.

Multi-layer Barrier technology answers the bell for PET packaging

Being one of the first and leading manufacturers of PET preforms, Husky works hard to deliver flagship solutions that redefine the injection molding technologies existing in the sector. The range of completely integrated solutions offered by Husky is nearly exhaustive and covers any application or production volume. At the K show, Husky will put on display an impressive palette of packaging items available now for manufacture in PET. An experience center will also be featured, offering many examples of Multi-layer Barrier technology application, be it existing ones or all-new future opportunities. Brought to the market last year, this technology rests upon the renowned HyPET™ HPP5 platform, uniting the advantages of a user-friendly, robust high performance system and the capacity of an accurate barrier layer dosing. Widely applauded in the sector, the technology enables PET use for producing items with high barrier requirements, historically packaged in aluminum, glass, or pasteboard.

Plastic medical applications: precision increased

Happy winner of a Process Innovation Supplier of the Year award launched by Becton Dickinson, Husky will also put on display high-precision solutions for the medical sector. Three years ago, Husky acquired Schöttli™, a leading producer of high-precision medical molds, thus consolidating its medical mold offer. Visitors of K 2016 will have the possibility to see a selection of high-precision patient care items and Schöttli medical molds for a highly repeatable production of those. The molds also boast a higher process safety, minimizing the associated risks for customers.

Mold hot runners for automotive and medical molding

Finally, the most recent hot runners and controllers both for automotive and medical industries will surely spark interest among the guests of K show. The brand new Altanium™ Servo Control technology will be continuously demonstrated; this development increases part quality thanks to precise control of mold temperature and valve operation. System setup is easy to follow, and troubleshooting is efficient, which improves the overall performance. Ultra Helix Valve Gate nozzles that picked up a Ringier Award will be another exhibit that is great for molding of medical items: the resulting gate quality is as clean as with an ejector pin, the nozzles’ service life is impressive, and their design allows for a simpler mold integration. The latest solutions for automotive will comprise UNIFY™ preassembled manifolds and LUCENT™ angled manifold, designed for producing car lenses.

“We work closely with our customers to get a true appreciation of what drives their business, and the technologies we’re showing at K 2016 reflect this partnership. I am excited to speak to customers about how our new Multi-layer Barrier Technology is unlocking the potential for conversions from alternative packaging to PET, and to demonstrate the industry’s first fully integrated, and most energy efficient systems for beverage and specialty closure molding. The melt delivery systems we are showcasing are tailored for the automotive and medical markets, so that customers from across sectors will find the right solutions for their production needs,” sums it up Mr. Galt.

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