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August 2024
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Shenzhen, China
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September 2024
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Taipei, Taiwan
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October 2024
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Knowledge makes all the difference!

Knowledge makes all the difference!

News 30.06.2024

Expertise pays off when it comes to the finer points of machine and system automation and speed of response in assembly and service. This is why the Baumüller Academy has been training employees, machine manufacturers, and end users in all the key topics of automation and drive technology for 20 years.

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Training manager Matthias Beetz’s motto is “learning by doing”. The training participants learn from special training setups, receive lots of practical tips, and benefit from a wealth of experience.

Located at Baumüller’s headquarters in Nuremberg, the Academy includes several seminar rooms, a technical center with numerous test and demonstration machines, and a studio for the live transmission of webinars or the production of videos. “Our motto is learning by doing,” explains training manager Matthias Beetz. Participants use special training setups to learn how to program, set parameters, and analyze faults on control units, converters, and motors. The academy also travels for international training sessions or larger seminar groups within a company. As an all-round carefree package, Matthias Beetz then comes to the company with the relevant training equipment and also provides valuable tips and experience on site.

In addition to training on all Baumüller products, a large number of industry-specific solutions and systems and their design, optimization, and commissioning are also covered. Users are also trained in the use of Baumüller software, such as the Baumüller simulation tool ProSimulation, the design software sizemaXX or the engineering framework Pro Master.

academy20 webcast

The Baumüller Studio has been specially set up for transmitting live webinars and recording videos.

Know-how for short response times
Many companies make regular use of the training courses on offer and have both new and long-standing employees trained in the latest state-of-the-art technology. The metal packaging manufacturer Mall+Herlan, for example, uses Baumüller in its machines and takes advantage of the training offered at the Baumüller Academy as well as the opportunity to train at its own locations. “I’m often abroad on assembly work and the time difference means that it’s sometimes difficult to reach contact persons for follow-up questions,” explains a Mall+Herlan training participant, “so it’s important for me to know what’s going on so that I can react independently and immediately.”


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