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Netstal: Single-source system expertise at K 2016

Netstal: Single-source system expertise at K 2016

News 20.09.2016

The extensive expertise of Netstal as a system solution provider will be put on display again October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf. Expert visitors and newcomers alike are invited to the company’s booths at K 2016 to witness the first in the world production line for pipette tips on an all-electric ELION 2800 machine in a 128-cavity mold. Netstal developed this very efficient handling solution in partnership with Zubler Handling and Tanner Formenbau.

Maximum productivity: 128-cavity pipette tip production line premiered at K 2016

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At K 2016, Netstal will demonstrate its expertise as a system provider with a 128-cavity pipette tip production line on an all-electric ELION 2800-870.

Jointly with KraussMaffei Group, Netstal will confirm its expertise by demonstrating an all-electric ELION 2800-870 injection molding machine producing pipette tips in a 128-cavity mold by Tanner Formenbau. This production boasts a cycle time of 5.6 s only for an impressive daily throughput of about 2 million items. Still, the pipette tip being a medical item, it is highly sensitive and demands the strictest tolerances, taking into account its 0.26 g weight and 0.38 mm wall thickness. The all-electric ELION 2800 provides the necessary precision in uniform distribution of a 33.28 g shot over 128 cavities. The highly stable continuous process leads to equal part quality. Dr. Blessing, head of the medical technology and precision parts at Netstal, highlighted another important feature of the innovation: “The related automation solution of Zubler Handling does not require a larger footprint than a comparable 64-cavity system. This enables manufacturers to double their productivity in the same space.” A special gripper in carbon/aluminum serves for pipette tips removal in under 0.9 s of mold open time, with a parallel check of parts presence. The tips then are fed onto a tray; neither tip collar nor its outlet are touched during part handling, keeping the quality of the delicate items intact.

Despite the very compact design of the complete automation solution, it would not be possible to fit the whole line at the company’s K 2016 booth. Thus, downstream tasks such as filtering, inspection with cameras and packaging automation will be shown on screens. Existing high-performance systems having passed a strict certification may be used for this; such production lines already operate in the US, Germany and Switzerland.

Maximum success: Single-source turnkey injection molding systems

IMG B MED 2014N 14-19 05-03 MED Press 2688

The production of pipette tips with a wall thickness of just 0.38 mm depends on maximum precision and process stability.

Netstal is a world-known provider of top high-performance precision injection molding technology. Its technological approaches for medical, packaging and beverage sectors are particularly efficient, and innovations are wide and varied. However, the Swiss company considers that its deep system expertise deserves a better visibility. “The requirements and demands on the automated production of plastic products vary for each customer. Netstal takes this into account and that is why it has acquired impressive know-how,” emphasizes Dr. Blessing. For the development of every system solution, starting with the very first idea, Netstal follows its customers and provides an intense support for prototyping, development, installation and putting into operation. Aftersales service of Netstal also offers innovative products that contribute to continuous production optimization and elevated system availability.

Maximum efficiency: Collaborating closely with automation and mold making specialists

Netstal’s partnerships with automation, robotics and mold making specialists allow for developing customized systems as per customer requirements. The resulting success factors are more than a few: access to partner network for a maximum solution optimization and component selection flexibility; onsite system integration and commissioning for a maximum efficiency at minimized effort; and finally, high aftersales service availability for the complete system, keeping smooth operation of its subsystems by different manufacturers.

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