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FDU technology by HAIDLMAIR unveiled at K 2016

FDU technology by HAIDLMAIR unveiled at K 2016

News 08.11.2016

Production of mini wrinkle boxes (with FDU installed in the mold) was demonstrated at Milacron booth.

The Flat Die Unit open-nozzle system exemplifies a synergy of injection molding and extrusion technologies, joining the benefits of both

HAIDLMAIR, injection mold designer and equipment manufacturer specializing in injection molds for beverage crates, pallets, pallet boxes, containers for storage, logistics and recycling has presented its entire portfolio and recent innovations at K 2016 in Düsseldorf. The market and technology leader offered to the visitors of the show no less than “One Stop for Higher Productivity”. Let us explicate this.

With the customer’s original product idea in mind, HAIDLMAIR optimizes injection molds using HAIDLMAIR Advanced Simulations software before putting them into production. HAIDLMAIR machines allow for manufacturing molds designed for clamping forces of over 80 tons. Most of these molds are supplied and serviced in synergy with the customer thanks to the technical center and the International Service of the company. In addition to remote servicing, HAIDLMAIR service technicians can come on field immediately if needed. Thus, customers benefit from a comprehensive carefree package and maximize their productivity.

However, the pivotal highlight at the HAIDLMAIR’s K booth this year was the premiere of an entirely new injection technology for injection molding, developed by HAIDLMAIR Advanced Technologies and baptized FDU for Flat Die Unit. The new technology is the result of collaboration of two individual companies within HAIDLMAIR GROUP, EMO (Micheldorf) and HAIDLMAIR (Nußbach), specialized in extrusion and injection molding, respectively.

FDU unit installed in the mold is an open-nozzle hot runner system. The shape of injection nozzle is not conventional but flat, with distribution channel altered accordingly. Compared with the traditional process, material flows into a cavity evenly through a thin long gap. This allows for a unique combination of the benefits of extrusion and these of injection molding. Material shear stress in the nozzle in cut almost by half, which prevents excessive melt warming. For certain resins such as PP, this can allow as well for an injection pressure reduction. Slot geometry makes increases material output homogeneity, which in turn widens the process window for injection, hold pressure and cooling phases. Overall, cycle duration is considerably reduced, and productivity improved.


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