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ASACLEAN™ sets new standards in purging with UF2 compound

ASACLEAN™ sets new standards in purging with UF2 compound

News 22.11.2016


ASACLEAN is a leading company in the field of commercial compounds for purging in extrusion and injection molding of thermoplastics. Asaclean has recently premiered its new purging compound, UF2. This grade is optimal for extrusion of cast and blown film, as well as for injection molding. Just as any product of ASACLEAN portfolio, UF2 purging compound guarantees quicker switchovers, thus cutting down machine downtime, increasing its performance and enabling significant savings for producers.

To attain higher performance and efficiency, processors often run after a few goals at a time, e.g. rapid changes of material/color coupled with adequate contamination removal. UF2 compound delivers against these goals: it can easily be purged through a die with no need to remove the latter; it de-gels and decontaminates its passages, eliminating any non-carbonized residue; and, finally, it is highly compatible with PE polymers.

You can consider UF2 whenever a color/material change takes place, when a hot runner needs cleaning or sealing/shutdown. UF2 grade guarantees a faster cleanup with reduced product consumption compared to competitors. Particularly, for blown film manufacture, this purging compound helps converters “holding the bubble,” reducing downtimes and increasing performance. Moreover, UF2 ensures better parison adherence during blow molding.

An analysis of cost savings at a color change (black PE to natural one) during polyethylene extrusion has been recently carried out on a 4.5-inch die machine with a 50-pound barrel. When the customer’s traditional “next resin” method of purging was changed for UF2 by ASACLEAN, it resulted in less wasted resin and a much more rapid switchover. Machine downtime was significantly reduced, just as changeover costs (by not less than 65%), leading to overall savings exceeding $23,000 per year.

UF2 by ASACLEAN boasts processing temperatures ranging from 170 to 320 °C (340…610 °F). A 0.0004” (0.01 mm) minimum opening is required for extrusion dies and hot runner gates. The grade is compatible with up to 200-mesh extrusion screen packs with a single mesh layer.


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